Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ten Thought Tuesday ~ Christmas Present ~

Yes, I am well aware it is late late Wednesday.  Give me a break.  I've been busy fa-la-la-ing and eggnogging and rumming it up.

Hubby and I have had a very exciting 2012!  In April, we took the trip of our lifetime [so far] to New York City.  We were there for 10 incredible days over Easter.  Our hotel was in Queens, we rode the subway every day and saw the sights from bus tours, river cruises and a helicopter ride!  There are too many highlights to list but as you can see from the above picture seeing the Statue of Liberty was amazing.  We also made it to Rockefeller Plaza, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Natural History, Central Park and Yankee Stadium.  The food was incredible.  There is nothing like a New York pizza and we will never forget the Italian pastries.  Mmmm….Cannoli!

Brandy~puppy celebrated her 13th birthday in November.  She’s had an interesting year.  Last Christmas she underwent throat surgery for laryngeal paralysis.  It was very scary for us all.  But she recovered very well although her voice has changed.  Now her bark sounds a little more like a gangster!  I know that we are on bonus time but   Brandy continues to bring happiness into our lives with her spunky personality.  

Hubby continues to work at the Fedorated Co-Op.  I’ve got another full teaching schedule at the Saskatoon Academy of Music.  On weekends you can find us cheering on the Riders, going for car rides and running errands.  

What will be in store for us for 2013?  We’re hoping to go on another epic vacation and spend more time camping and fishing.  Saskatchewan is a beautiful place in the summer and we are so fortunate to work and play here.

We hope our newsletter finds you happy, healthy and full of holiday spirit!  We wish the very best to you and yours for the next year and always!

Garden Kermie, Hubby, our fleurs, Rider Legend George Reed & Kory Sheets with myself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Christmas Past ~

Dad with his Stocking - Xmas 2010
1.  One of my most favourite Christmas memories is from when I was a little girl.  I would go stay at Grandma & Grandpa Dean's house while Mom and Dad "kicked up their heals."  One time I sat with Grandpa and we looked at the Sears Wish Book and the Consumers Distributing book and he had me write a letter to Santa Claus and I had to list the page numbers and item numbers of the things I wanted.  That Christmas they gave me a Sandy doll and all the furniture for a house.  It was pretty awesome.

2.  My Dad's work, the Prince Albert Daily Herald, held an annual Christmas party.  It was on a Sunday afternoon and we'd gather in the Bridge Room of the newspaper.  Santa would come!!!  Dad would say "I think I hear something."  Then Santa would come down the hallway all Ho-ho-ho-ing and all us kids would get exciting.  He'd sit in a big chair and hand out gifts and treat bags and sometimes he'd come around and talk to everyone.  After we'd have cheese burgers, pop and ice cream in those little dixie cups with the wooden spoons which to this day remind me of the reed on my clarinet.

3.  I was pretty lucky.  All Christmases at my parents house were warm and special and full of magic.  One year it was full of an upset stomach too.  My sister in law makes these peanut butter corn flake bar things....they are delish.  She made me my own personal bag of them and brought them over Christmas morning.  I ate the whole bag.  *hugs stomach in remembrance*

4.  I'd always know when Dad was done his Christmas shopping.  When he'd arrive home from work he'd come into the house and directly into the basement where he'd stash his presents.  I don't know where the hiding place was but he'd stash them well.  If they were for my mom he'd usually ask me to wrap them.

5.  One year when I was older my Dad wanted to get my Mom a "Luda" coat.  They were a fashionable item....very light weight and extremely warm and came with a hefty price tag.  So to find out if she really wanted one he had the store phone and pretend that Dad wanted one.  Well come Christmas morning there were two identical boxes under the tree.  They had given each other new coats! It was funny because I was the only one who knew what each other was getting and that all this speculation and secret shopping was going on!

6.  Christmas morning was the only time Santa would put candy canes on the Christmas tree.  Mom and Dad would usually be up early to "stuff the bird" and get the turkey in the oven.  Santa always filled my stocking and many times it was over flowing.  One time Santa forgot to put something in it.....and Dad found it later and gave it to me.  It was a CD....back when CD's were really expensive.

7.  My first Christmas as a married woman was exactly one week after our wedding.  We went to my In Laws for what I'd call an old fashioned Christmas.  We gathered at Uncle Rod's house for Christmas Eve which was wonderful in itself.  But during the time we were there a massive amount of snow fell blocking the roads.  Grandpa Johnson road the tractor down the road while the cars created a caravan back to the house we were staying in for the holidays.  I remember Hubby's aunt being very excited and recalling how it reminded her of being a little girl and riding in the sleigh with the horses ringing their bells leaping through the snow.

8.  In the fall of 1999 Uncle Rod had a stroke.  He was very very lucky to have survived.  He made what I'd call a miraculous recovery but wasn't expected for Christmas Eve dinner.  This was a year that the whole entire family was home.  The table had 22 place settings that year.  Then a car pulled up and down the walk in the snow flurries came Auntie Wendy and Uncle Rod.  It was such a blessing to have them come that year.  It still brings tears to my eyes.

9.  A Christmas Eve ritual at my parents was to go visit my Grandma Dad's mom, early in the evening.  Grandma 'Mokey, as us kids called her because of her dog Smokey, but none of us could say it, was a fun place to visit.  There seemed to be an unlimited supply of bottled pop in the basement.  There'd be an unfinished puzzle on the table along with a half read romance novel.  Going to Grandma's house was something my Dad and I always did together.

10.  Two Christmasas ago, I surprised my parents, or rather, Mr. Claus surprised them.  He left two stockings addressed to Henry and Darlene.  When I met my Dad in the kitchen that morning he had tears in his eyes as he said, "You shouldn't have done that."  To which I replied, "I didn't do anything, Santa did."  Then he said, "No one has ever done that for us before."  It was such a happy Christmas and it was so much fun to watch them go through their stockings.

A Man & His Dog - Christmas in Norquay 2011

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ 28 Sleeps ~

My Charlie Brown Tree
It is 28 Sleeps until the jolly fat dude breaks into my house to leave presents!  Well, not my house.  I won't be home.  But Mr. Clause has been known to break into my parents home from time to time and since that's where we'll be spending Christmas this year I have high hopes that is where I might catch a glimpse of this festive reverse burglar.

He can't come in the chimney.  They don't have a fireplace.  The chimney leads directly to the furnace.  THAT doesn't sound like a good idea.  

1.  Santa must be the messiest eater there is.  When ever I left out a plate of cookies and milk for him there were crumbs all over and milk spilled.  What the heck?  It's one thing to break in but does he have to mess up the place?

2.  Plum Pudding.  My Mom and I are the only two people in the family who like Plum Pudding with caramel sauce.  I'm not sure we'll have it this year.

3.  I love fruit cake too.  I love the light cake kind without nuts and with that nice thick almond frosting.  Yup.  I love fruit cake.  I am what I eat.

4.  When I looked in the mirror just now I thought I looked like Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club.

5.  What's your favourite Christmas movie?  I love Christmas movies.  There are so many!  It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Christmas in Connecticut, Scrooge, The Christmas Story......YOU'LL SHOOT YER EYE OUT!

6.  I think White Christmas is one of my most favourite Christmas songs ever.  But I also love the rockier type like Holly Jolly Christmas, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, or.....who am I kidding?  I love them all.  Except Little Drummer Boy.  I draw the line there. _______  <-- line is drawn.

7.  Gremlins.  Now there's a non-traditional Christmas movie.

8.  I found 4 December birthday cards.  I only needed 2 but I bought all 4 anyway.  They are so hard to find.  I need one for my Brodder who was born on Christmas Day and was just narrowly missed being named Rudolph.  The other I needed for my Seester who was born on New Year's Eve.

9.  I am done my Christmas shopping.  I would like to find one more spectacular present for Hubby though.  He's just too dang practical.

10.  This Saturday Hubby and I will put up our fake green pipe cleaner tree and decorate it with all kinds of amazing ornaments we've collected over our nearly 20 years together.  Then Brandy will once again get to lay on her most favourite blankie ever.....the red fuzzy Christmas tree skirt.  We will be a merry bunch.

Brandy last Christmas shortly after her throat surgery on her favourite blankie.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cake Mix Cookies

 My new coworker and friend brought these cookies to work one day.  They were very yummy.  I did some quick googling and found out there are unlimited variations.  I decided to make chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.

I bought Co-Op Gold Moist & Delicious Devel's Food Cake mix.  When I googled [yes, google is my bff] the nutritional values I found out it is the same as Duncan Hines.  Betty Crocker was a smaller mix and had different values.  I don't know if the brand of cake mix has anything to do with quality....but when it's an ingredient having a generic or store brand doesn't bother me.

1 box cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil [I used Canola]
1 cup chocolate chips [I used Hershey's Pure White Chocolate Chips]

Basically you mix the whole thing up.  It makes a very stiff dough.  You take teaspoon scoops of the dough and and roll it in your hands to form a walnut sized lump and place on greased cookie sheet.  I failed to grease my non-stick cookie sheets and should have.  They didn't really stick badly, but enough to make me go "why? oh why? didn't you follow directions?"

Then you bake them at 350*F for 8 to 10 minutes.  My oven is hot so it was more like 325 for 10 minutes and I probably could have baked them for less time because they didn't turn out as fluffy as the ones from work.  Doesn't matter though, they are yummers!

My recipe ended up making 37 cookies.  I don't know why the odd number but I was pretty happy considering the original recipe said it made 24.  After I entered all the info into the recipe do-hicky on MyFitnessPal they ended up being 105 calories each.

Hubby taste tested.....
.....several times.

I think the possibilities of this recipe are endless.  I'd like to make Christmas cookies using crushed candy canes instead of chocolate chips.  I'd like to try carrot cake with raisins.  I'd like to try cherry chip cake with chocolate chips.  I have a feeling this recipe is going to get a massive workout.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday

1.  This afternoon I go for my eye check up.  I don't think my vision has changed much.  I suspect things are normal and I'll just get a new supply of contacts.  I don't think I should tell my eye doc about the Gravy in the Eye incident.

2.  My order from Bronners Christmas Wonderland arrived yesterday.  The ornaments I ordered came in a much larger box than needed.  I ordered a cannoli ornament, a donut, an angry bird glass ornament and an angry bird mini set for work.  They also threw in a free ornament that says Merry Christmas on it.  Another plus is they came backed in a ton of packing peanuts so now I have a way of getting Andrea her box of nail polish I promised her.

3.  I got my hair cut last Wednesday.  No one.....I mean, NO ONE noticed.  Until yesterday.  You know what the difference was?  I didn't straighten my bangs.  So everyone thought it looked curlier so I must have gotten a hair cut.  These are people I see every single day.

4.  Brandy's ear infection tried to flare up again.  I think I have it under control.  I doubled up her meds and got the ear drops going again.  Her ears didn't get smelly.  She seems tired a lot but otherwise is her regular self.

5.  I went to the Roughrider store on Saturday.  I had to get a couple things as Christmas presents.  I bought myself a snow glob and a calendar.  I like the calendar not only because it features my favourite players but because it is sponsored by KidSport and the money goes to support that organization.  I like supporting a good cause.

6.  I think we are going to have to get our house decorated this weekend.  It is usually the last weekend in November that we decorate.  For some reason this year it feels too soon.  I don't know why.  We don't even have lights up outside yet.  I feel like a humbug.  There are several on my street already.  So I guess we better get after it this weekend!

7.  Riding my stationary bike for 15 minutes gains me about 200 extra calories in the day.  The problem with this is.....I'm left having to eat a bunch late in the day when I really don't feel like it.  I know that if I had a bigger breakfast on the days I ride the bike would make a big difference, yet I can't seem to get myself to do that.  I haven't changed my routine otherwise.

8.  I'll be at work early today.  My eye appointment is just down the street from work.  So I think I will decorate my classroom.  All the decking is there already stashed in my filing cabinet.  I saw a coworkers room and her's looked so neat and tidy and festive.  Mine always looks like a disaster.  Now it will be a disaster with Christmas decorations.

9.  I'm making chicken salad for lunch.  I've been having a chicken salad sammie and Special K crackers every day for lunch.  I'm addicted to those Special K crackers.  They're like chips.  Crack chips.

10.  These are my thoughts.  Not much rolling around in the ol' noggin' today.  Oh but Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  Enjoy your day!  And watch out for the Black Friday Crazies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ The Sun Does Rise ~

Well.....not here, but I'm sure somewhere in this great country that is Canada, the sun is shining.  Just not here.  This is one of my positive thoughts after the football game Sunday.  It's okay.  I am sure I have a life outside of football.

I think.

Don't I?

1.  I won't dwell on football.  I'll save it for my football blog.  But the Riders put on a good fight and exciting game against the Calgary Stampeders Sunday.  I thought they won.  But there was 52 seconds left on the clock and in the CFL anything can happen in that short amount of time.  And it did.  It's okay.  I will live.  I survived the 2009 Grey Cup disaster.....I can survive this.

2.  Angry Birds has come out with a Star Wars edition!!!  OMG it is so great!!!

3.  Today I did actual exercise for the first time in a long time.  I had a brain break through.  An Ah-ha moment.  If I exercise I can eat MORE food.  That may seem simple.  But I've thought in terms of exercising to not gain weight or exercising to wear or use up what I've eaten.  But to exercise so I can eat!  This is exciting.

4.  I've logged into MyFitnessPal for 25+ days straight.  I've cheated 2 times.  I've logged and noted those cheats though.  One was Halloween and the other was Sunday night after the football game.  Anyhoo.....I'm eating regular meals but not finding extra calories to include fruit.  I'm not a big fruit eater.  But I know I need to eat it.  I wasn't left with enough calories to do anything extra and I've been good.  By exercising, I've practically gained an entire meal!!!  Now I can easily get in a snack of banana and peanut butter.  This is pretty exciting to me.

5.  I've got a Febreeze dual air freshner plugged into the outlet in the dining room.  It smells sooooo good in here!  It smells like cranberries right now, but alternates with a warm caramel scent.  It's so yummy!  It's also seasonal.

6.  Speaking of Christmas.....  I have one batch of Christmas cards to address and still a few presents to buy.  I pretty much know what I'm getting.  I just have to make the shopping trip to do it.  I feel really good about Christmas.  I feel happy and joyful and like things are going smoothly.  It's 2 weeks until we put up our Christmas tree!!!!

7.  My new neighbours are kinda cool.  Yes, they have a multitude of vehicles parked all over the street and yet for the first time ever.....EVAR.....there are Christmas decorations outside of the house.  My other neighbours.....Neighbour Fred celebrated Christmas but there wasn't anything except a tree in the window.  Now the house has light up candy canes outside.  It's making me feel like I need to get out there and decorate too!

8.  I'm going to take a few of our tomato cages and wrap them in Christmas lights.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  If I do this, they will look like Christmas trees.  I think the only trick will be plugging them in.  I have extra lights and the cages are just sitting there so why not give it a try!?

9.  My personal consultation with the dietician is on Monday.  I'm a little nervous about it.  It's at the primary health centre near our house.  The appointment is early for me and I have to be there 10 minutes early to check in too.  I have an open mind.  I hope she can offer me advice and help me to be a healthier version of me.  **Editors Note:  I jumped the gun.  My appointment isn't until the 26th.  Somehow I've lost a week in November!**

10.  I've ordered a few ornaments from a place in Michigan called Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.  I ordered one that looks like a cannoli!!!  Also a sprinkled donut!!!  And a set of Angry Bird ornaments.  Yes, I am just a big kid.  I love this season!!!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Boo ~

Ghost Poop ready to hand out to students.
1.  A few days ago I made an executive decision.  I will not and refuse to let winter get me down.  I will dress accordingly and trudge through snow and muck and I won't let it stop me from having a life this winter season.  This is really important for me.  I spent a lot of time last winter in depression and inside.  I vow to not repeat that scenario.

2.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in the path of Sandy Frankenstorm and those who have not met her yet.  I've viewed pictures of places I've been to in NYC and some are hardly recognizable.  But also beware because there are a few pics circulating that are photo shopped.  There is not a shark in the waters on the East Side.

3.  Yesterday I made little baggies for my students for Halloween.  They are receiving Ghost Poop.  If you google you will find multitudes of blogs with this idea and a few have pdf's of tags to print out.  Basically, Ghost Poop is marshmallows.  I think the 6 students who are dedicated enough to come to lessons on Halloween deserve a cool treat.

4.  My iPod reminder just went off.  I'm supposed to be cleaning the dining room.  Doh!

5.  I made a great slow cooker recipe on Sunday.  It was cubed chicken, 1 can mushroom soup, 1 pkt onion soup mix, 2 cups sour cream.  It was really yummeh.  Next time I'd add a can of mushrooms and red peppers for a serving of veggies.  It sort of tasted like a stroganoff.  Totally tasty.

6.  Since I started keeping track of my food on FitnessPal I've made the following changes.....  I've cut out coffee creamer.  I'm using splenda for coffee instead.  I've cut down to only 1 cup of coffee a day as well.  I was drinking 3 before.  I've replaced those other cups of coffee with tea or hot cocoa.  I've really cut down on snacking.  I've started to make large weekend meals that can be portioned out and carried on into the week.  This week I've changed my breakfast to a yogurt cup.  Liberte came out with a cup that is half fruit and half yogurt for 80 cals.  I'd really like to add a little more calcium.  It is a work in progress but I am feeling the benefit.

7.  Brandy turns 13 on November 11th.  I want to get her a pillow for the dining room.  Right now she is laying on two bedroom pillows beside me as I type at the table.  I know she'd love something more comfy that she can call her own.

8.  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  I'm going to be the Ultimate Rider Fan.  In other words, I am going as myself.  Tee hee.  I bought black tights so I can wear my Rider shorts.  I have football glasses too.  I'm going to have fun with this one.

9.  I think I have too much candy.  There will be a high of -5*C and I kind of doubt we will have lot's of visiters.  Now I am worried about having left over candy.  Although, if I'm good and don't get into it myself, I can save it for Christmas treats or even make cookies out of it.

10.  BOO!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Sn*w ~

We knew it would arrive sooner of later.  I just hoped for later.  But here we are with another year that the kiddies will have to wear snow suits under their Halloween costumes.

Ever seen a genie costume over a snow suit?


1.  I had snow/ice tire drama yesterday.  We phoned our regular garage and they couldn't get us in until Thursday.  My tires were BALD.  If we had freezing rain I'd be wrapped around a pole.  I went to Canadian Tire and they couldn't get me in until noon and I'd have to leave the car for the day.  I went to Kal was worse and they were snooty.  As a last resort I stopped by Reubens garage [the regular guy] and pleaded and pleaded.....they said come back at 1pm.  I went back.....they got the car in right away.  It took 45 minutes and cost $60 to switch the tires out.  I am so thankful.  I took them muffins as an additional thank-you.  Reuben said it was a bribe.

2.  The Christmas Countdown started Sunday and I failed to do anything.  The first week is about getting everything organized.  I hope to pull out my planning binder tonight and see what I have to do.

3.  I woke up at 5am and rubbed my right eye.  My contact fell out and onto my cheek.  Now before you give me heck....these are extended wear contacts and I am supposed to wear them day and night.  I can do so for 30 days straight.  Anyhow, at 5am it decided to fall out of my eye.  Which is a weird thing and rarely happens.....especially in the middle of the night.  So there I was at 5am pulling the other contact out and tossing them.  Good thing is this morning I've got a fresh pair.  I can see clearly now my contacts are in.

4.  I bought Candy Cane hot chocolate at Bulk Barn.  It is about 50 calories a cup.  It's been my nighttime snack the last few nights.  It's really really yummy.  It's not really minty and more of a white chocolate taste.  But it tastes like winter and Christmas.

5.  My Friday student thinks I'm hilarious.  First I told her she needed to try the Peach Mango smoothie from Tim Hortons.  Then I told her she needed to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Now she says "I have to go to Bulk Barn for Candy Cane Cocoa?"  We laughed about it.

6.  One election thing.  I realized that if Obama was re-elected and the US continued into it's economic failure that the interest rates in Canada would remain low and the Canadian economy would continue to prosper.  So.  Please vote for Obama so Canada can be economically strong.

7.  The Riders have gotten themselves into the play offs.  But just by the hair of their chinny chin chins.  We have 2 games to win to clinch the spot.  I have a whole blog I need to write about this.

8.  The new neighbours who moved into Neighbour Fred's house have been parking on our side of the street.  They have a drive way.  I don't understand why they need to park in front of my house.  No, I don't own the street.  But why can't they park in front of their own house?  Well, last night they did.  I think it was because of the snow.  They also have a dog.  I wonder where it poops.  There isn't grass in the back yard.

9.  Brandy has been the happiest little doggie ever.  She had anxiety at the vet last week and Dr. Powell was concerned for her breathing.  At home she has been the perfect angel.  Hubby says "anjo". 

10.  After I clean the kitchen and burn off some calories I'll pull out that Christmas binder.....a binder full of Christmas.....and see where I'm at.  With this sn*w I'm feeling festive.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's For Supper Tonight?!

Not my picture, but it looked really close!
I cannot take credit for this recipe.  I can only take credit for the slicing and dicing and the operation of my crock pot and rice maker.  The rest of it is from  The recipe.  Slow-Cooker Tex-Mex Chicken.

I doubled the recipe because I wanted leftovers for the next couple of days.

1 lb skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into strips or chunks
2 Tbsp taco seasoning [like Old El Paso]
2 Tbsp flour
1 green pepper cut into chunks
1 red pepper cut into chunks [I only used red peppers because my tummy is sensitive to green]
1-1/2 cups salsa [I used a Pico de Gayo from Costco]
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup Kraft Tex Mex Shredded Cheese


1.  Toss chicken with seasoning and flour in slow cookier.
2.  Stir in all ingredients except cheese.
3.  Cook Low 6-8 hours or High 3-4 hours.
4.  Stir before serving.

Serve over hot cooked rice.  I cooked jasmine rice because it's what I had on hand.  I also used my rice cooker. basically I didn't cook any of it!  Top everything with Tex Mex Cheese.

It was really really yummy.  Hubby and I agreed that some black beans would be great in this as well.  There is cilantro in the salsa from Costco so I didn't add any, but you most certainly could.  By doubling the recipe, Hubby and I both had healthy portions plus there is enough left over for 3 more meals!

According to Kraft this recipe is 310 calories but when I put it into MyFitnessPal it came out much less so I've got some tweaking in the app to do!

Anyhow, this was delish and you should try it the next time you have to eat.  *grin*

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dream Intervention

I think two people came together in my dream last night to hold an intervention.  Dieting and weight loss was on my mind because I had received my letter to see a dietitian although I thought it was a nutritionist and it turned out to be a workshop and not a one on one consultation so.....I was upset by it.

In my dream, my school director [Boss really] who has recently lost about 35 pounds and my coworker, Andrea, who has never had to diet in her life I am sure, confronted me about my weight.  Well, actually they were making fun of me.  They'd never actually do that.  They are both good people.  I was really upset with them and stormed off to the bathroom where sitting on the counter was a bowl of cereal.  Go figure.  Oh and the whole thing happened at my parents house.

Dreams are weird.

Today I realized that the Andrea in my dream was only a namesake.  I know another Andrea.  A very creative, loving, pet mama who shares many of my same concerns.  THIS is the Andrea in my dream telling me to get in shape.  Stop being a lazy bones.  Get ready for New York!

Shortly after I got my iPod I downloaded the app, MyFitnessPal.  It is also a website.  I never used it.  I downloaded it because I had noticed my Bosses Mom had also lost a significant amount of weight.  She mentioned the app to me and it just happens to be the same one Andrea mentioned to me about a year ago.  Ugh.  What can I say?  I downloaded it and never opened it.  Funny's not going to work until you actually use it.

Well, I finally opened it.  OHMYGOD it's cool.  It keeps track of everything.  You can scan store bought foot via bar code.  You can store your own recipes.  It keeps track of exercise and makes suggestions and yes, it even said, smilingriderfan needs inspiration she hasn't logged in for 3 weeks.


I don't know yet if I'm going to attend the dietitian workshop.  It coincides with my work schedule.  I've got to figure that part out.  In the meantime, I'm going to log my food and get a good idea of what I'm eating and then next week I'll add some exercise.  

I've got to do something so people stop showing up in my dreams.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ It's Not Winter Yet ~

It's not winter yet.  It was close.  There was that one day that it snowed all morning but luckily it melted as it hit the ground.  I switched my morning alarm to Let It Snow.  Ever since that day, we've had sunshine and nice temps.  I am trying to cherish these days.

I know what is to come.

But it's not winter yet.

1.  I went to Halloween Spirit yesterday.  I wasn't really looking for a costume but couldn't help noticing how small and inappropriate most costumes are.  I'm not talking about scary, I mean sexy.  There were 50 Shades of Grey outfits for adults.  What?  I bought fake green hair strips that clip into my own hair, some LED votive lights and Angry Birds socks.

2.  I am going as  myself for Halloween.  And by "myself" I mean, I'm going to go in full Roughrider Fan regalia.  You know, because that's how I roll in the 306.

3.  This Sunday is the first day of the Christmas Countdown.  There is a website called Organized Christmas.  I follow the plans every year for a stress free holiday.  It really works.

4.  Remembrance Day falls on a Sunday this year.  That means the "holiday" will be observed on Monday.  That means it will be a long weekend.

5.  The day before Remembrance Day, the 10th day of November 2012 will be written 10/11/12.

6.  The week of Halloween I have my students pick out their Christmas songs for the Christmas Recital.  I love teaching Christmas Songs.

7.  This Friday Brandy goes back to see Dr. Powell as a follow up about her ears.  She has awesome ears for the first time in years.  She's still somewhat fussy about her food.  I'm wondering if she has a tooth issue.  I'll ask when we go.

8.  This weekend we will insulate our windows with plastic.  It is a hateful job.  Last year we bought and put plastic on but it was a poor grade and wouldn't stay stuck.  We were angry and it was a waste of money.  This time we've found the brand that we used initially.  It will last 2 years of done correctly.

9.  I loved the crock pot recipe I made on the weekend.  This time of year makes me want to make comfort food.  I was wanting stew but with the current beef recall I'm a little shy on buying beef.  I'm going to research another chicken recipe for this weekend.  But the Chicken and Barley stew was a win!

10.  Don't tell anyone, but I've been into the Halloween candy.  No one will know unless they move the box.  Shhhh!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Java & The Human Bean

We usually buy Kirkland Brand coffee from Costco.  It always tastes good.  The last while I've gotten hooked on adding creamers for flavouring.  I know they are calorie rich and full of sugar and fat, but man, they make a cup of coffee taste good.  This morning I had the thought, "If I had my own coffee company I'd make coffee sweet no one has to add anything."  Why hasn't anyone thought of that?

My coffee shop would be called The Human Bean.  It would be created with real people in know, the human kind who don't care about fancy names.  There wouldn't be any tall, grande or vente in my shop.  Nope, just good old small, medium, large and the give-me-all -the-coffee-you have jumbo size.

The cups would be real insulated cups too with non-spill lids.  There's be no need for fancy cuffs or double cupping.  Everyone would enjoy the lids because it wouldn't mess that white blouse you worked so hard ironing for the job interview only to stop and drip coffee down the front.  Ugh.  Right?!

I'd have blends like Wide Awake,  Intravenous,  The Morning After, I've Got Company, Heading to Bed [decaf of course], Working Late, First Date, Save Me from My Kids [which may or may not have a shot of Vodka added] and PMS.  Although PMS might just be hot chocolate with a coffee bean floating on top.

There would be cold drinks as well.  They'd have titles like Lordy I'm Hot, Chillaxin' and Sitting in the Shade.

This wouldn't be the type of coffee shop to sell frou-frou types of baking.  Good old fashioned cookies and squares is what I'd sell.  Nanaimo Bars, Matrimonial Squares, Rice Crispy Treats and real cookies that were made for dipping like Ginger Snaps.

Yup.  There'd be no messing around at the Human Bean.

The staff would be friendly and helpful.  We'd encourage you to sit and visit but if you'd rather sit and do might just want to continue on your way.  It would be comfortable but not that comfortable.  We'd play real music on the sound system, but we wouldn't try to peddle you the latest cd.  We'd have it tuned in softly so you could carry on a decent conversation without yelling and straining your voice.

Alas, it is not meant to be.  When I googled the name, someone else has already taken it made it organic and fair trade.  Meh. I guess I'll settle for my International Chocolate Mint creamer after all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter Eleven [It's a Novel Idea]

I was glad when I dragged myself from my bed to see that sunlight was not streaming in the window but that it was cloudy and raining. The rain had woken me up in the night but I liked the sound of the drops hitting the window. They had lulled me back to sleep quickly. But that's when the dreaming had started. Reese was starring in it and then there was someone else who's face I couldn't see. It had all turned bad when Frankenstein attacked. I shuddered at the memory.

I had gone through my morning routine swiftly. I did the same things in the same order every work day morning. I probably could do it in my sleep if I really needed to. The traffic was heavy this morning. I turned on my car radio as I drove to the downtown. filming again on the river bank tying up lot's of intersections.....plan ahead.....Watch out for driving downtown today folks.....Police are urging fans to stay away....

Ugh! I switched off the radio. I wished I had known that before I had left home. Thankfully though, traffic was moving steadily enough and since the bank is just on the edge of the downtown core I was able to get to work without too much of a hassle.

I pulled into my parking spot behind the bank. Emily was just going in the door and held the door for me. She was all excited. “Did you hear on the radio about the filming?”

“Ya” I answered entering the back of the building. “Traffic was all snarled up.”

“If I didn't have to work today, I'd be down there watching!” We walked into the staff room.

I hung up my jacket and shook my head. Emily seemed more like a crazed teenager than the 25 year old she was. “What are they filming anyway?”

“You mean you don't know?” Emily watched my expression. “I mean I've seen you carrying the book around and all.”

“What do you mean.....I've been reading Dusk, but.....”

“That's right, silly!” She laughed at my expense. “That's why every woman with eyes has been following that hunky.....”

“Alright ladies,” Nate interrupted us. “Time to get to work. Clock's tickin'.”

“We'll talk later.” Emily said as we were taking our places at our windows.

It hadn't taken long and the sleepiness of the night before had my looking for a stool. I pulled it up to my counter and sat down. Mornings were generally slow and it was even quieter than normal with traffic being rerouted downtown. Why was it that I didn't know all these things that Emily knew? I mean I was a functioning member of society. How did I miss out on this stuff? I wasn't less of a girl. Maybe it was a maturity thing.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a stranger at the customer service counter which was being manned by Alex today. We had kept our distance since.....well, you know.

“I'm looking for Stacey Anders.” The man said.

Alex was leading him my way. He looked average. He looked somewhat nice. He couldn't be from revenue canada.....I wasn't a wanted woman.....that I knew of, anyway. “This is Stacey.” Alex told the man. He stayed just a minute to make sure I was okay. That was uncharacteristic and sweet, but totally not needed.

“I have a message for you.” The man told me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I'm James.” He explained. “Mr. Reese's assistant.”

“Oh.” Snazzy! He has an assistant. Cool.

“I'm supposed to give you a message. Mr. Reese apologizes that he cannot come himself. He's rather tied up this morning.” James smiled and then slid an envelope to me on the counter. The envelope had the insignia and stamp of Peake Entertainment on it.

“Thanks.” I took the envelope. James nodded, turned and walked away.

The envelope was only sealed with a thin piece of tape. I used my letter opener from my drawer to slide it open. I unfolded the note paper that was inside.

I can't wait to see you again. Meet me in the lobby of the Bessborough as soon as you are finished work. I'll send a car to pick you up.

Oh my God.” Emily was looking over my shoulder reading my note.

She has a secret admirer-er.” Alex was there too.

I looked around. Even Nate who was across the bank floor looked interested. Or maybe he was perturbed that no one was working. I crumbled the note up so no one could read it. I turned on my stool to look at Emily. Her pleading eyes wanted details.

I met him a couple of weeks ago and we kind of hit it off.” Although hit it off was an understatement. I was finding it hard to be away from him too.

What does he look like? What does he do?” The questions spilled from Emily with lightening speed. Alex had walked away mumbling something about girl talk.

I thought about what he looks like. His messy brown hair, his piercing blue eyes, his hands on my face and his lips......

Earth to Stacey.” Emily wanted to know now.

He is so cute, Em.” I couldn't help but smile. “He's got this messy hair do and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. He smiles.....oh man, when he smiles this crooked smile at me.....”

This sounds familiar.” Emily was saying. She was walking back to her counter. She opened a drawer and came back with a magazine. She waved it at me. “Does he look anything like this?”

Yeah, right.” I was about to say but then my eyes focused on the cover.

Oh. My. God.

A million thoughts sped through my mind. There he was on the cover of this magazine his blue eyes looking back at me. The headline 'Rising Dusk Star William Reese'. I grabbed it from her.

William Reese? William.....Reese. Will. Reese.

Phone conversations echoed in my head. If you knew the real me. Can't tell you. You'd run away screaming. Then live conversations. I'm in an industry where its really hard to trust people.

All the pieces fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. Of course I felt like Will was an old friend. I had spent the whole weekend with him. He had kissed me. He had held me. He wouldn't tell me things like Reese wouldn't. He couldn't wait to see me again.

Stacey does he look like this guy?”

I finally cleared my head enough to speak. “Em, he doesn't just look like this.” I looked up at her questioning eyes. She was going to freak out. “Em, this IS him.”

The look on her face was stunning. She looked like I felt.

Will was Reese. I had seen him.....not only passing on the street.....passing through my life. I was in love with a movie star.

And he couldn't wait to see me.