Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All The King's Men

All was fine until I went to work. Over last weekend, the piano that is in my classroom was loaned out for an event. An accountant’s convention. I didn’t have an issue with that, after all I don’t OWN the Technics PR54 which happily resides in my classroom. But I feel like its mine. I use it every day. I know what all the buttons do. I am one with the technology. So what I am about to relate to you will no doubt surprise you as much as it did me!

Another tidbit of information which you need to know is that I am not a very strong person. I can lift some things. Move some furniture about in my house. But I don’t have what you could call brute strength. I am not Bam Bam. Nor Paul Bunion.

With that in mind, here is what happened on Monday when I arrived at work to my classroom. My piano was not in its correct location. I am a bit picky here. There are two windows separated by a length of wall. I simply prefer the piano to be centred on that wall. I don’t think that’s a crazy demand. I feel it should be symmetric, that’s all. I barely needed to move it a foot.

This has happened before. The piano hasn’t been in the rightful symmetric-wall-centred position so I simply push or pull it back into place. It’s not a heavy piano since it’s an electric/digital piano. I’ve helped move pianos in concerts and festivals for years! I am not new to moving things to and fro.

So I grabbed onto the end and tugged. Not a Paul Bunion tug. I did not turn into the Incredible Hulk when I pulled on the piano. But do you want to know what happened? Maybe I shouldn’t tell you….Okay okay, don’t beg! The end of the casing of the piano came off in my hands! AHHHHH! I am so fired, I thought. At first, I thought I could just push it back on and no one would be the wiser. Nope, it didn’t work. I stood back and surveyed the damage. 
 I am so fired.

I went and got Sharon. Sharon is a good friend as well as the receptionist, book keeper, maintenance man, carpet cleaner and all around handy-man. But I have to stress she is a very good friend.

Sharon, can I talk to you in my classroom for a minute.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Um, you really have to come here.”

“Can you just tell me?”

“Um….” Nervous giggle. “I kind of wrecked the piano!”

She walked with me to my classroom. Her assessment of the situation? “OH MY GOD!”

Luckily, I was able to teach in another room that day. Also luckily, the academy director, boss and owner and her husband were away and wouldn’t find out until the next day. Luckily, I would keep my job for another day.

But here is just how good of a friend Sharon is. It bothered her so much that she couldn’t get a hold of the piano repair person that she went in on her own time, dismantled my piano, glued it and put it back together again. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men did put the wrecked piano back together again! I didn’t know that she did this until a couple days ago. Sharon doesn’t get the glory at the Academy, but she is the glue that holds so many things together.

Just like the Mom in the Christmas Story when Ralphie gets in the big fight and smashes his glasses all up and the Dad comes home. Sharon softened the blow. Ralphie didn’t get killed and I didn’t get fired. By Friday we were all able to laugh about it.

What I know for sure is that I will never ever EVER touch that piano to move it again. If it is sitting in the middle of that classroom I will teach in the middle of the classroom. I will not pull, push or tug. I will also never forget what a friend I have in Sharon. I don’t know of anyone who will go to the lengths that she will. I don’t know of anyone more caring for other human beings than she is. I am thankful to know her and for what she has done for me this last week and always.


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    1. This actually happened 4 years ago LOL I just wanted to see how old blogs looked and if I could just copy and paste them. I CAN! I might bring all the good ones over.

  2. *smile* I'm so glad you kept your job!