Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Evening With SUPERTRAMP

I did not have the easiest of work days yesterday.  I was thankful I was only working half the day.  I had a student come who was obviously sick and had in fact stayed home from school and yet her parents thought her well enough to come to lessons.  Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.  I had the pleasure of teaching [although with this student the term "teaching" is used loosely] a girl who I've had issues with for a long long time.  I hate to generalize but I know there is something very not right about this girl.  Then I had a student who I thought was out for the count due to a broken collar bone.....and yet she showed up yesterday.  Finally I was free.....a little cranky.....but free.

At 7pm Hubby and I set out for the concert.  I was really amazed at the lack of traffic and the ease of parking.  Other concerts we've taken a bus shuttle but they were not offered this time.  Now I know that's because it was not a complete sell out.  It saddens me.  Talent of this caliber deserves a sell out crowd. 

The audience was a diverse one.  All ages.  We had tickets for Row 5, seats 18 and 19 which turned out to be terrific seats and almost mid-stage.  I had the luck, as I always do, of sitting behind someone whose head I couldn't see around [as you'll see in my video].  The woman beside me kept jiggling her leg.....not in time to the music, but in a nervous-I'm-putting-in-my-time kind of way.  Oh.....and when she wasn't jiggling she was texting.  Her friend got up and left half way through.  I may add our tickets were $150.  Why you'd pay that money to sit and not pay attention is beyond me.  *shrugs*

There wasn't an opening band.  They simply took the stage and performed.  There weren't any flashy pyrotechnics.  They simply did what they were meant to do.  And what that was.....was entertain.

On our way home, which wasn't the long way, I commented "what a great way to spend $150."  Hubby agreed.  "Now THAT is music."

Here is my view from the 5th row:

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