Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chapter Five [It's a Novel Idea]

I was so thankful to get home to my little apartment where it was safe. I sat in total silence to eat my Kraft Dinner, which I totally enjoyed. I even scrubbed the dishes and left them to dry in silence. When the silence became deafening I turned on a cd quietly and sat down on my couch. My foot touched something on the floor. I looked down to find my copy of Dusk still where I had left it. 
I picked it up and examined the cover art. I flipped it open to where I had left off. Some time later and a few chapters in, the phone rang startling me from the alternate reality I had escaped to.

Hello.” The smooth voice greeted. “It's Will, remember me?”

Will, yes!” I remembered. It's not everyday that strangers request my attention. Well, not every day for other people anyway. Normal people.

How are you?” He asked. I detected something different in his voice this time but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.

Okay.....I guess.”

Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. Maybe you want to tell me about it.” 
Wait. Wasn't I supposed to be the kind shoulder to lean on? The non biased ear to tell secrets too? “You don't seriously want to hear my problems.”

I”ll make you a deal.” Will rationalized. “I'll help with your troubles if you help me with mine.”

Deal.” If we had been in the same room we could have shook hands on it.


Well, I can only help you if you tell me what it is!” Will laughed.

I laughed too. “I thought maybe you'd want to go first.”

It's only polite to let the lady go first.”

What a time to find a gentleman. I plunged on. “I went out for drinks with some people from work and I some how ended up agreeing to a date with one of them.” 
That sounds like it could be fun.”

Except that I didn't really want to.” I explained. “He has a bit of a reputation for romancing the girls.”

Ah.” Will paused for thought. “And you don't think you want to find out if the rumors are true?”


Well, let's can I get you out of this jam.” I could hear the gentle thumping of fingertips on a table. “You could fake an illness.”

That would only be a temporary fix. He's pretty persistent.” I shifted the phone to the other ear.
Why don't you go out.....where did you say you were going?”

We're going to just do a casual coffee date.” I frowned at the word date.

Okay, so give me your cell phone number and I'll call you with an urgent message pretending to be your elderly aunt and then you can leave quickly.”

That would work.....only I don't have a cell phone.”


I don't have a cell phone. I figure that I'm only ever at home or at work. Besides I don't need the extra phone bills.”

I don't think I've ever known someone who didn't have a cell phone.” Will mused.

Well, I guess now you do!”

Hmmmm......I think your most feared situation will come true.”

What's that?”

You'll have to go out with him!” Will was laughing hysterically.

Great. Thanks for your help on that.”

Oh come on. Don't be upset.”

I pretended to be upset. “Why don't you tell me your problem?”

Will was suddenly very serious. “I met a girl who I would like to get to know better.”

Romance was in the air.

Well that sounds like a good thing. Tell me more.”

First of all I've only seen her a couple of times. AND I have no way of getting in contact with her. She seems perfectly intriguing.”

So let me get this straight. I have a date with someone I don't want to date.....and you have found someone to date only no way to date her!”

That seems to be the case.”

I was in hysterics by this point. My laughter was contagious. Will was laughing too. “What a pair we are!”

It does seem hopeless.”

You never know Will. Your mystery girl might just wander into your life when you least expect it.”

One can hope.” There was a buzzing noise in the background. “Oh.....that must be the delivery man. I ordered pizza before I called. I guess I better go answer that.”

Can't keep the pizza man waiting.”

Until next time Ann.” And then he was gone and I was left just listening to the dial tone.

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