Thursday, August 16, 2012

FolkFest 2012 ~*~Day One~*~

Every year the city of Saskatoon holds a three day event called FolkFest.  FolkFest is a multicultural celebration through a series of pavilions dedicated to different countries and nationalities.  Every year there are additions and subtractions.

We purchased our passports ahead of time at the Safeway.  Notice I said passport?  It's a little book just like your very own government issued passport minus the gruesome photo.  This little book has a page for each pavilion which gets a unique stamp once visited, just like your real passport.
The Saskatoon Pipe Band
We decided since there are five pavilions located at the same location, Prairieland Exhibition, that it would be a great start to the festivities.  A couple years ago we really enjoyed ourselves at the Scottish Pavilion.  It was great once again.  There were tables with people selling Scottish goods - everything from sweets to kilts.  We took in the main stage and saw the Saskatoon Pipe Band playing bagpipes, which are very impressive in person.  There was a pub and cafe offering haggis, shepherds pie and shortbread among other things.  I've tried haggis and actually liked it.  Hubby says that's because my grandfather was Scottish. *shrugs*  I did buy toffee on our way out.  It was excellent stick-you-teeth-together yummy-ness.
Scottish Toffee

Next we went to the Philipinnes!  Other years we've entered this pavilion with unfortunate timing.....just when the entertainment was ending.  This time we waited around and took in some of the dancing and singing.  I love the filipino clothes.  They are colourful and often sparkly.  We looked at the handmade jewelry and I was tempted by the seller to purchase a sparkly beaded bracelet.....but I didn't.  At this pavilion we decided to eat.  We shared a "combo #2" plate with an extra pork bbq skewer for $13.50.  Included was Sinangag [fried rice], Pansit Bihon [noodles], Adobo chicken & Inihaw [the bbq'd pork skewers].  The one plate was plenty to serve the two of us.  If you wanted dessert they offered avocado ice cream which sounded interesting.
Apologies for the blurry pic, but these people were dancing quickly!
Then we cruised on to the Carribean.  You could smell the jerk chicken and they were encouraging people to walk up to the Tiki Hut.  On stage was a flame eater!  I've seen this man on stage before.  He wields two sticks which are on fire and goes through several positions or dance moves and eventually eats the fire at the end of them.  It's incredible.

People have not believed me before when I've run into certain characters [There's a Batman story for another time] when we saw Captain Jack Sparrow hanging out I knew I needed proof!

Myself and Captain Jack Sparrow


  1. International fun! When I heard Folkfest I thought it might be a festival of Folk Music:) I guess there was, of another type! That pic is so adorable:)

    1. Usually we go to the German one since it's nearby but there was road construction. We might start our day there today. Another popular one is the Norwegian. This year we want to take in the Indian/Metis...I've never been before.