Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jumping on the Tailgate

**This is the story of how I became a rabid Roughrider football fan written Aug 25/2007**

I am not much of a sports fan. I don't particularly enjoy watching sports and I cannot play sports to save my life. I am married to one of the biggest sports fans around. Hubby will get up at 6am to watch Formula 1 races. Hubby will describe his best day as a day filled with NASCAR. Hubby loves football. He dreams about it. Hubby bleeds green. The only professional sports team in Saskatchewan is the Roughriders who play on Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

It's been tough being a fan of the Roughriders. They always start the season strong and fans get all hopeful only to get their feelings crushed when the losing streak begins. But this year is different. This year Saskatchewan wants the Grey Cup. This year the Roughriders want the Grey Cup too. This year the Roughriders are 1st in the west division.

Last Saturday night we watched the Roughriders play the Edmonton Eskimo's in what is now an infamous game. The blackout was lifted and it was broadcast on the CBC. When it began Hubby was in his arm chair wearing his "real fans wear green" shirt and I sat on the couch calmly Knifty Knitting away sporting my green polo. By the 2nd half Hubby was pacing and I had chewed off a finger nail. They battled back and forth and the score kept switching to and fro. Hubby was actually delighted to answer my questions. How much is a touchdown again? Now what do they have to do to get points? Ya, I know, I'm such a girl.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was at 32-27 for Edmonton. It was nerve wracking. Then the unthinkable happened. A crack of thunder. A flash of lightening. Followed by pouring rain. Then players were leaving the field and fans were scrambling for cover. The announcers on TV didn't know what was happening and the next thing you know the power and lights were out at Mosaic Stadium and the TV feed was lost. CBC switched to their feature Saturday night movie starring Nick Nolte. Huh?

So we turned on the radio, to 600 CJWW where the announcer was using his cell phone to relay what was happening. There were reports of an ambulance, but they didn't know what that was about. Some fans were leaving Mosaic Stadium and others were toughing it out, the teams had retreated to their dressing rooms and they speculated about whether the game would go on. When would they play the remaining 13 minutes? The next day? That seemed crazy. Hubby and I were in disbelief.

An hour, yup..... I said an hour later, midnight really, the teams returned to the field to play out the game. Now you know, I really wouldn't be blogging about this had we lost the game. So you have to know that the game ended with a score of 39-32 in favour of Saskatchewan. We jumped for joy. I've never watched a game like this ever in my life. The Roughriders not only won that game but they scored a touchdown in my heart and converted me into a fan. Now I bleed green too.

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