Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music to a Dog's Ears

Brandy~Puppy the Super Dog, seen above, basking in the sunshine filtering through the living room windows. Yes, it's a Dog's Life. Eat. Drink. Lounge around all day. Frolic in the back yard. Chase some birds and if you're lucky a pesky feline.

Brandy is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel almost pure bread. Her Great Grandfather was a champion show dog. Brandy, as I noted in a previous Blog, is The Love of My Life....shh, don't tell Hubby!

The thing about Brandy is that she doesn't know she's a dog. Even though she can't speak English, she can spell. "C-A-R" and you've got a 30lb ball of fur barking and racing around with anticipation. Say "Walk" along with the word "Go" and you've got a problem. "Cheerio's" and she won't leave you alone until she gets some. 

Then there's her garbage fetish. The second we leave the house, Brandy goes to the kitchen, opens the cabinet under the sink, and removes every bit of garbage from the pail down to the very last coffee ground. It's been such a problem that we installed child proof locks to deal with it. Yet, I think she knows to look to see if the lock thingy is attached or not. If that white knobby thing is there...yippee! they've forgotten and it's a garbage frenzy.

What sets Brandy apart from other dogs is that she is musical AND she has an ear for certain kinds of music. 

One day, I was playing my piano. Just songs and pieces that I enjoy. I played some pop tunes and nothing happened, but when I started on the classical.....a very low beyond mournful sound was emitted from my puppy's mouth. It is a sound that is just impossible to put into words. It wasn't a painful yowl. It was somewhat melodic. Harmonious.

Let's test this. I thought. 

Elton John........ Nothing.
Billy Joel.......... Nothing.

Yup! Brandy~Puppy The Super Dog can sing. She can spell, she helps me to keep the kitchen floor swept and I love her to bits. Kibbles and Bits that is!

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