Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Piano Lesson #1 ~ Note Reading ~

This is a Staff
Although it is a pretty awesome staff and if you used it you wouldn't have to worry about reading is not the kind of staff we're after.

Musical Staff

This is a musical staff.  It has 5 lines and 4 spaces.  Every key on the piano is represented by a note [a circle] drawn on the staff.  A note drawn low on the staff will have a low pitch and as the note is drawn higher up the pitch will be played higher and higher.


This is a Treble Clef.  The Treble Clef was once called the G Clef.  It usually represents music notes played with the Right Hand.  To remember the name, think "man, if I don't practice am I ever going to be in trouble!"

This is Middle C.  "C" is a nickname.  Its short for Captain Crunch.  And you remember that Captain Crunch has a moustache, right?  Well that's how you recognize "C".

This is the D note.  "D" is short for Donnie the Dog.  Donnie the Dog tries to play on the staff but bumps his head.  Silly doggeh!  So he just sits underneath panting.

*don't mind the stem.  I couldn't find one without*

This is E.  E is short for Ernie.....of Sesame Street fame.  Ernie gets to hang on the first line of the staff.....he thinks they're monkey bars.

What I have just explained to you is how I start a beginner lesson with every single 5 - 7 year old [and even older students!].  At this point, you are ready to play Hot Cross Buns with your Right Hand.....except for the fact I haven't told you where to put your hands.  I guess you better stay tuned for the next lesson!

To be prepared you are going to need either a piano, digital piano or a keyboard.  If you don't have those......print out this keyboard:

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