Thursday, August 9, 2012

Piano Lesson #1.5 ~ Position & Playing ~

All piano's have white keys and black keys.  It doesn't matter if they are electric or acoustic.  You can play them all the same.  The touch or feel of the keys may vary but you will be able to play it regardless.

The black keys are grouped in 3's and 2's.  Find all the groups of 3.  Don't be afraid.  Bang on them!  Now find all the groups of 2.  If you are on an 88 key piano you will find there is one black key at the far left.  Don't worry about it.....they had to end the piano somewhere!

The name of the piano is usually found about the middle of the piano.  For instance my piano "Roland" is found on the centre.  If you follow the name down you will find a set of 2 black keys.  You should position your body behind this spot.  


Now.  Your fingers have numbers!  Your thumbs are always #1.  It doesn't matter which hand it is....thumbs are #1.   Your Right Hand [RH] thumb, finger #1, plays the white key to the left of the 2 black keys.  This is middle C or Captain Crunch!  Finger #2 plays the key between the   two black keys and this is D or Donnie the Dog!  Then finger #3 plays the white key to the right of the 2 black keys and is called E or Ernie!

Because you are so totally awesome at this, I will tell you that finger #4 plays F who is known as Fred and finger #5 plays G also known as Grover.

NOTE:  When you press the key it should be with curved fingers and your finger tip touches the key.  Have you ever held a frog?  Hold your hand like you're holding a frog.  EW!  When you turn your hand over you have to keep your fingers curved so your frog doesn't hop away!  Also don't let your wrists droop!

Also we are not even remotely worried about rhythm and counting at this point.  My goal is to get you playing and reading music.  The rest comes later.  So don't worry about some notes having stems or not.....the notes are just wearing different clothes.  You are still you even if you wear a different shirt, right?!

Your Assignment:
1.  Play Hot Cross Buns from Piano Lesson #1 [I couldn't find music online in the right key and didn't feel like scanning one.]
2.  Play Mary Had a Little Lamb.  [Posted to the right]  I used to teach Allouette instead, but after the 2010 Grey Cup I swore I'd never teach that song again!
3.  Do you like to colour?  Will you colour Captain Crunch for me! [posted below]  Okay.....well maybe you'll have to draw him because unfortunately my picture is already coloured.

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  1. Link to easy version of Hot Cross Buns