Sunday, August 12, 2012

Piano Lesson #5 ~ The Jump Up Chord ~

Frank Mills has a piano song called Piano Lesson #5.  I played it at my final performance in my home town before I picked up and moved to Toon Town.

But this lesson isn't about that song.

This lesson is going to be about the F chord!  YAY!  You didn't think you'd get away with just playing C and G7 did you?  When you learn to play F, your whole life will change.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.  But it will certainly enhance your playing.

Most early Beatles songs only used C, F and G7.  When I went to New York City in April I saw the place where John Lennon not only lived but was shot and died.  It was called the Dakota and Yoko Ono still lives there.
Not my photo....obviously since John Lennon was killed in 1980.

Remember the C chord?  Remember how we called the C chord a snowman because all the notes form a snowman?  Well our snowman was out on the front lawn one winter of know, just hangin' out, when along came some kids!  The kids started to throw snowballs because the snow was the nice sticky stuff just right for snow balls.  The Snowman got very worried.  He didn't want to get hit with a snowball!  So he devised a plan.  If a snowball were to come his direction he was going to jump up in the air with all his might.....and you know what?  Pretty soon it happened!  And the snowman jumped up in the air and the snowball went right through where he was standing.  This is how we get....the Jump Up Chord aka F chord.

Now you will need to practice switching from C to F to G7 so you get really good at it.Before I tell you which song you will get to work on for this week there is one thing you need to know.  You need to know what a tie is., no.  Not this kind of tie.  But rather a musical tie.  The kind of tie that lengthens a note!

What happens is play the first note and then hold it for the value of both notes without lifting your finger and playing the second note.  In that example two half notes are tied making it equal 4 counts.  Usually a tie is across a bar line.  A tie always connects two notes on the same line or space.When you look at the music for The Saints Go Marching In you will notice that the first measure is incomplete.  This acts like a built in introduction.  These 3 notes are called Pick Up Notes and sometimes called Up Beat.  The beats still have to add up to 4 so the missing beat from the beginning is found in the single note at the end!  Sneaky, eh?

1.  Practise switching chords
2.  Play The Saints Go Marching In HS or HT
3.  Review previous songs [now that you know the F chord you can include chords with Twinkle Twinkle!]

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