Monday, August 20, 2012

Piano Lesson #7 ~ Test Day ~

Did you study?  

Honestly, if  you were in my classroom I'd probably hint around a lot for answers that I really know that you know.  Sometimes we know what a thing is and we just can't remember the name of it.  That's alright.  And sometimes in music knowing what to do is more important than knowing the names of things.

If you know what something is on the test but can't remember the name, write it down.  I might give you marks for being creative.  I once gave a student marks for saying the term "N.C." meant Nifty Chicken.

And no, that is not on this test.


1.   Name the following symbol.

2.  Name the notes.

3.  True or False.
The pinky finger on the left hand is finger number one.

4.  Tell the note values.

5.  Name all the letters in the musical alphabet.

6.  What are the notes in the C chord? 

7.  What are the notes in the G7 chord?

8.  What colour are your teachers eyes?

That is the end of the exam.

Not that hard, right?

Next week is Graduation.  You need to prepare two songs to play for a mini concert.  Practise your bowing!



  1. 1. G-clef.
    2. Dave Erin Frank Gloria. :D
    3. All my fingers are number 1.
    4. Depends on how much you're going to pay me to play them.
    5. t, h, e, m, u, s, i, c, a, l, p, b
    6. Well, on the guitar, it's the 2nd string on the first fret and the 4th string on the second fret.
    7. GGGGGGG
    8. Green like the Riders.

    1. 1. correct...but more than I needed.
      2. There are 8 notes there and you only gave me 4 names
      3. all your fingers are not number 1 only 2 of them are number 1
      4. I'm not paying you anything. Zero points. Plus I didn't say to play them, I said to write the value.
      6. This is piano lessons. Not guitar lessons.
      7. Funny. 1/2 point.
      8. Good guess but....nope.

      But because you are a Dragon [and I'm scared of you] you passed. But I think you should do some review. :D

  2. Are your eyes green like the riders?

    1. My eyes might be the same colour as some of the Riders...but no, not green like the Riders.

  3. have you got a dunce cap I can borrow. Haven't done my homework! lol

    1. Aw! I have lot's of students who don't do their homework. When I was a little kid I loved colouring. Now, they usually don't even bring back the pictures of the characters coloured. I don't get it.

      Anyhow....the Olympics were in your city so...I'll give you a pass on this one due to circumstances LOL

  4. I hate colouring. I really, really do!

    Let's see if I need to prove I am not a robot....

  5. Nope. You're good. No robot proving in this blog.

    1. No. But guess what? When I post a response like emails me my own reply. ARG.

  6. I are not a musical bird. This is rather sad as I come from a musical family. But__I am not so I write and paint and pretend that not playing the piano and guitar isn't a travesty.

    1. This started back on M. Robin wanted me to post music lessons and I said I could teach her how to play in 3 lessons. But I decided to post 8 lessons since that's what most people sign up for at the start. Anyhow, even if you don't play you might find them entertaining.

      AND would you believe that even though this is what I do in my life. I have not touched my piano since the start of July? I'm not glued to it. Music is not my life. People always think it is though.

  7. Oh,yay! No robot proof! __dances__

    Oh, yes. And I can dance__sort of. :)

    1. I don't think I've seen a dancing flamingo before.