Monday, August 27, 2012

Piano Lesson #8 ~ Graduation Day ~

Your 8th and final lesson has finally arrived.  I shouldn't say it's your final lesson because if you were an actual piano student I'd do my very best to convince you to continue and become a full time piano student. 

I have a really good record for keeping piano students beyond the 8th week.

During  this lesson you'd be asked to perform your two prepared songs.  Your audience will clap.  What do you do when an audience applauds?  

You bow.

It might feel silly, but you really need to thank your audience for listening to you.  You want to smile a big smile no matter how good or bad you thought you did.  Then you simply bend at the waist to bow.  As a reminder to smile while you bow say in your head... "Hello shoes!"

But don't say it out loud.  Everyone will think you are crazy.


Oh!  You want to know the answers from the test from  last week?!  Here is the answer key:

1.  Treble Clef
2.  E E F G G F E D
3.  False
4.  4 2 1
5.  A B C D E F G A or C D E F G A B C
6.  C E G
7.  B F G
8.  Blue

Thanks for being a great student!  Good luck in your musical future!



  1. Oh, darn it, there was a test?!? Ah well, I'm a violinist, not a pianist, so at best I'd get maybe half the questions right.

    1. You can't do worse than Dragon did!

      I wish I could play violin too. But many of the principals still apply. Sorta. Almost.

  2. Awww...

    You know, it's funny, I was thinking about your piano lesson blogs on the way home tonight. I was trying to figure out the music to a It doesn't sound hard. It's this one (I thought it might be interesting to do with my kids... add in a guitar, cello and some fiddles and see where we get:

    1. I am horrible at ear stuff. It's crazy isn't it. It was the worst part of my piano exams. *shrugs*

      I went to and they have music by One Republic but not that song. That's where I get lot's of music from when a student wants a particular song. Sometimes you can find it for free by just googling it.

    2. Thanks, Sandra. I'll check it out... it's always good to have a resource like that! :)