Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Robin challenged me to write a song that had to have 3 concepts included, shopping, football and donuts.  She wanted me to sing it and play it on the piano.  But I don't sing.  Okay, well I CAN sing.....in that crying baby glass shattering sort or way.

So we agreed to terms and I've come up with THIS. 

*to the tune of Yesterday by the Beatles*

I suspect John Lennon is rolling over in his grave.

Scatch'won, that's not how you say it everyone.
Learn how to say it, we'd like it a ton.
Oh, Sask-at-chew-un.

Suddenly, I know this is where you want to be.
Shop 'til you drop in this economy.
Oh, Saskatchewan, come visit me.

Tim Horton's, located everywhere,
I won't share, Get yourself one.
No other donuts are the same,
At Timmies in Saskatchewan.

Roughriders, how I love to see them play.
Touchdowns, don't throw the ball away.
Oh I believe in the Cup of Grey.

[in the real song the last two verses are repeated.  I fear I need to write 2 more verses to make up for it.]

My deepest apologies to the Beatles.

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