Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tale of a Packet Litterer

Every day for the passed 365 days.....give or take a few.....I have opened my little white packets and mixed, stirred, soaked and shaked. Those little packets have been the answer to all my prayers.....except for the fact that there is a litter bug in my house.

I leave the kitchen only to return to find ripped open white packets littering the counter. There are cocoa packets, shake packets, oatmeal packets. What the heck? Whose doing all this? It's making for extra work for me! I have to collect all the open packets.....sometimes 3 at a time and toss them into the trash. One of these days I'm going to catch whoever it is that keeps messing up the kitchen and have a word with them!

It gets worse. While looking for my sunglasses in the the drink holder of my little blue Honda I found a wrapper. It was a wrapper for a caramel bar. This litter bug was following me around! I've got a case of a litter bug stalker!

At work, in my desk, I've found Splenda packets. The culprit must be someone who is very close to me....someone who I work with! I see these packets in the garbage in the coffee room and even in my classroom! How dare they? I'm determined to get to the bottom of this and with all this weight melting off my once over weight body it will be easier to track them down! They can run, but they cannot hide!

Once I even found an opened packet wrapper in my teaching bag! Yup! Right there in the front pocket of my “Crazy Music Lady” yellow bag was an opened packet......not even a trace of powder left. I looked for chocolaty finger prints so I could identify the culprit, but the litter bug was careful to not leave any!

I was dealing with a cool character. What was I going to do?

I'm so tired of picking up after you!” Hubby complained one day. “You leave these packets all over the place!”

Who? Me?” I gazed at Hubby who was holding up a strawberry shake packet. I tried to look as innocent as one could look while sipping on a strawberry shake.

Then I scanned the kitchen counter taking in all the packet carcasses.....I had found my packet stalker......how could I have known? She's got a terrific disguise! She's lost so much weight that she doesn't even look recognizable to me! 

**This was from several years ago when I lost a significant amount of weight on the Medifast program.** 

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