Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To All the Donuts I've Loved Before

To all the donuts I loved before
I ate so many, I barely fit through the door.
Yet I dream of you out on display;
chocolate, vanilla and sour cream glazed.

You and I need to have a chat.
You see.....you've made me fat!
These crazy circles of doughy rounds
Keep adding to me, pound by pound.

In the mirror I see
Just what you've done to me!
The end of our love affair is near.
Forgive me, but you seem to be stuck to my rear.

All of these unwanted pounds
Have left me with lines and frowns!
BEGONE!  I say.
This is not what I want to weigh!

I never met a donut I didn't like.
But giving in requires more miles on the bike.

In shape is what I want to be.
Now just you wait and see.

It feels like spring, that is no lie
Watch me emerge, a lovely butterfly.