Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

I woke up with a jolt.  Did Hubby say goodbye to me this morning?  I thought hard.  I squinted and thought harder.  I remembered him talking to Brandy who was tucked tightly under the blankets like a hot dog.  Was that today?  Or was that yesterday?


Then I heard the radio from the other bedroom.  He snores.....end of story.  It turns out he called in "sick" today.  He says he just didn't feel like going to work today.  It must be nice.

I drank my morning coffee and ate a bowl of blueberry Special K, which incidentally does not have one single real blueberry in the whole box.  I guess that's what makes it so special.  I watched a half hour of Live with Kelly.  During the second half of the show I climbed on my stationary bike.  I was three quarters through with my doctor prescribed bike ride when the power went out.  Not a flicker.  Not a surge.  Dead.

Hubby scrounged around for an A&W coupon and decided to go for a bus ride.  He'd never waste a perfectly good sick day by actually being sick.

No power.  No internet.  No radio.  No heat.

Brandy tried to mooch morsels of a smores poptart from me as we kept warm under a blanket in the living room.  The wind would kick up and the stove vent flap would clang.  Its raining and blowing and then I think.....I haven't seen anyone.....not a soul on the street all morning.

There could be a zombie apocalypse and I'd never know it.

I sit with my eyes trained on the street pondering the idea. 

Then my neighbour's van pulls into her drive and their two little kids scamper out to the front door of their house.  Neighbour Mom is behind them toting a bag from A&W.

No zombies today I guess.

At least not yet.

I hear the tv snap a little as current tries to surge through it but nothing happens.  Then the wind gusts and the oven vent clangs again.

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