Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ 9/11 ~

There are no words.  So I'm just diving in.

1.  Today is my Mommy's birthday.  I phoned her last night because usually my brother visits in the evening and I knew she'd be busy with him.  I told her that I hoped she has a great day and gets a special treat.

2.  Today is also the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.  I am dismayed by the lack of mention on Canadian news and TV today.  There is a lot of mention online, but not all of it is good and thoughtful and there's lot's of conspiracy people out there too.  Two excellent movies to watch about this day are Remember Me and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

3.  It is incredibly windy here today.  There was a wind storm in the town where my sister used to live that knocked trees down.  I hate it when it's this windy because the vent over the stove flaps and claps in the wind.  I feel like I'm going to see the Wicked Witch fly by.

4.  I have a shortened work day today.  I felt very frazzled and off balance at work yesterday.  I hope I am centred today.  I don't like being like that.  I'm happy to be home early because the premiere of Parenthood is on tonight!

5.  Having seen the 9/11 Memorial it is very difficult to fathom what happened there.  I mean, you see the footprint of the buildings and you look towards the sky and try to envision how tall the towers were and you know in your head what happened and yet.....it's like your eyes don't believe it.

6.  I got 2 extra pillows and put them beside me in the kitchen.  Brandy is curled up on them, sleeping.....and snoring.  It makes me smile.  Puppies are silly.  I gave her Benadryl last night and she ate well this morning.  I think she feels better.  Her vet appointment is Thursday morning.

7.  This Friday we are going to my In Laws.  My Brother in Law is visiting from the Pacific North West and we want to see him.  I'll be home Sunday but Hubby is staying later and riding the bus home.

8.  We've been eating tomatoes from our garden for a month.  I'm afraid I will begin to look like one.

9.  I love Amazon.com and .ca.  I ordered refills for my Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works.  We don't have that store here.  The nearest store is Edmonton.  So I ordered from Amazon.com.  They arrived today.  I bought Pumpkin Patch & Cranberry Frost.

10.  I'd really like to wear my New York tee shirt to work today but I won't.  It's not appropriate.  I hope we get the chance to visit the city again.  If you have the chance you should.  It's a remarkable city. 


  1. It's windy here today, too. When the rain finally starts it'll be travelling sideways! LOL.

    My dog needs his ears cleaned because they are starting to get dirty. I hate doing that to him -- he so hates it, but it's for his own good. Hard to explain to a dog, though.

    I've spent the last two days as acting principal. That always makes me feel off-balance.

    I noticed a lot of programs on last night about 9/11. I actually appreciate that they do the shows the day before. It was a huge thing, a huge tragic thing, but I think the subdued programming is part of the healing process.

    Time to bite the bullet and go clean Sunny's ears.

    1. Can you believe i clean Brandy's ears nearly every day? I know if makes her feel better...but she hates it too.

      There was programming on other tv channels on the weekend. I listen to a certain radio station every morning and there wasn't anything on it except on the news...there was a brief mention. The local CTV didn't mention anything at noon either. I don't think people have to go all crazy about it, but there should be some sort of mention.

      You are probably right about the healing.

      Sunny will love you years from now for cleaning his ears. We always took good care of Brandy's ears...but she's mostly deaf now. Poor thing. Although, sometimes I think it's just selective hearing.