Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Code in da Node ~





1.  One of my favourite movies is You've Got Mail.  These is a great scene.  The book store has just closed and Joe Fox visits Kathleen.....except she is sick.  He takes her daisies.  Daisies are the friendliest flower.

2.  When I am sick I take Buckley's Cold/Flu tablets.  They really work.  I think they are a Canadian thing.  I do not take the liquid.  *gag*

3.  Hawksley Workman has a song about being sick.  He thinks it's kind of cool because people do things for you and you just get to lay around.  

4.  Brandy has returned to her spunky self.  I've just been giving her the cephelaxin pills.  The ear drops were reacting with her and making her throw up and be all weird.  I've gone back to the Purina Beneful doggie food and she loves it.  She's back to eating first thing in the morning.  I feel relieved.

5.  I have a strawberry spinach salad for lunch but I think I'm going to make a cup of soup instead.  Chicken soup is supposed to be good for colds, right?

6.  I think Fudgeo cookies are good too.  Maybe not for colds but for the soul.  There are some in the pantry for after the cup of soup.

7.  My In Laws had a family BBQ on Saturday.  Then they had birthday cake for me.  It was several layers of chocolate cake with a fudgey chocolate frosting between each layer with chocolate frosting and shaved chocolate on top.  *drool*  They gave me a furry blanket and a set of glasses as a gift.  The furry blanket is soft like Brandy.  Brother in Law called me Cruella de Ville.

8.  Hubby will be home tonight.  I think his bus gets in around 10:30.  I was supposed to go out with the girls from work tonight but said I couldn't leave Brandy alone all that time.  It turns out most of us at work are sick anyhow.  I doubt that many are going to go now.  I had really wanted to go to.  *sigh*

9.  Sunday my work is having a party at the Berry Barn.  The Berry Barn is known for Saskatoon Berry concoctions.  The waffles are incredible and feature a waffle bar where you add your own toppings.  I am forfeiting football watching for a waffle bar.

10.  In case you weren't quite aware.....this Saturday is a very special birthday for me.  I don't feel any different.  I feel like me and the number I will be only seems to be a number.  But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


  1. I think the soup, buckley's and daisies will see you feeling better in time for your birthday.

    Cruella in deed .. (rolls eyes) lol

    I'm glad Brandy's feeling better too. And your work thing should be postponed till everyone is feeling better! damnit!

    1. Thank you :D

      I have to gather up the gumption to get ready to go to work. Thank goodness it will be a shortened day today. I should be home by 7.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    I forgot about chicken soup. Add the chicken soup to my honey, lemon, water concoction (but consumed separately) :)

    I'm glad Brandy is feeling better.

    1. I had pizza. Is pizza good for sickness?

      Brandy is my precious!

  3. Personally, I think the liquid Buckley is probably what Vicks Vapour Rub tastes like if you eat it. Which I may have -- I was sick a lot as a small child (tonsils etc) and I got more than my share of Vicks.

    I am SO happy to hear about Brandy feeling better. I was worried.

    You are the antithesis of Cruela DeVille.

    YAY for awesome birthdayness! You'll love it. It's freeing!

    1. I've never eaten Vicks. I was very sickly as a kid too.

      Brandy is awesome now that she's eating the Beneful. She's crazy for it. I tossed all the old stuff.

      I don't feel like a number. I just feel like me. You know?