Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Summer is Over ~

Summer.  We've had fun the last two months, but I'm afraid I have to break up with you.  Trust me, it's not you because if I had my way I'd continue this relationship we've formed, but responsibility prevails and it's time to go back to work.  How about I'll call you next June?

1.  I spent a week at my parents house.  Brandy and I would go out every evening and pick a handful of strawberries from Dad's strawberry patch.  Brandy has a route that she takes in the back yard and won't come in until she's done the whole route.  She likes it at Grandma & Grandpa Cheeses house.  We call them that because they always used to treat Brandy with cheese.
Me, Hubby and the Niece & Nephew from Oregon

2.  We spent a weekend at my In Laws house.  Hubby's sister was home from Oregon.  We visited with her family.  They tend to come every summer.  It's nice to see our niece and nephew while they're still little.

3.  Hubby and I went to FolkFest.  [blogs located on this site]  We experienced food and entertainment from around the world.  The event that made a lasting impact was participating in the round dance at the Indian/Métis Friendship Centre.

4.  We gardened.  We only grew tomatoes this year.  We're eating them like crazy now.  We planted two rose bushes which took off beautifully.  We planted a bleeding heart and were surprised when the hydrangea's did indeed winter.  We had a lot of fun finding plants and filling in our garden.  We've really enjoyed it.

My Mommy & Daddy
5.  My parents came to visit for a few days.  We took them to a little park at the U of S.  It's outside an exclusive restaurant but enjoy the park more.  Then we took my parents to the place where Prime Minister Diefenbaker is laid to rest which is in another park at the U of S.  We are so lucky to have great green space to visit and appreciate.

6.  We had some crazy weather.  July had tons of storm warnings and even tornado warnings.  We were excited to watch tornado chaser Greg Johnson on line.  He was here chasing because nothing was happening in the US!  It was exciting and luckily no one was injured in any of the storms.

7.  I became friends with Ace Plumbing & Heating.  First they repaired our air conditioning and installed a new digital thermostat and again when they came an installed a new toilet for Renter Person.  I was really impressed with their business.  Their prices are reasonable and I'd certainly recommend them to anyone.

8.  Brandy and I visited the vet.  We returned to Dr. Gibb, who Brandy bit back in January.  It turned out Brandy had an intestinal virus....poor thing.  I'm glad that I had the time in my very free schedule to realize she was sick and take her for treatment.  She's going on 13 years old and been through so much this last year.  I love her and am always reminded that we are on bonus time.

9.  I took care of some very necessary chores.  I deep cleaned all but three rooms of the house [2 spare bedrooms and the on-suite bathroom].  Those other rooms will get done over the next month.  I feel really good getting this taken care of.  I also feel good that I had the energy and motivation to do it.  Brandy is still not totally fond of the new furniture arrangement but she's warming up to it.

10.  It wouldn't be summer without football.  I'm trying hard to keep all my football thoughts confined to my football blog but sometimes it bubbles over.  We didn't make it to a game but are the most passionate fans around.  We're even more passionate after the thrashing of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at the Labour Day Classic.  Final score 52-0.  There's no better way to finish off the summer than with a good old fashioned beat down.  Go Riders Go!  //=S=//

Our garden with lilies in bloom.


  1. I wish I had as long a list of accomplishments.

    1. I bet you do. The farthest I went was 4 hours away. Everything else happened right here. Sometimes you don't have to leave home to do anything.

  2. You really did have quite a summer. And I love the pic of Brandy. :)

    1. All 3 pieces of our furniture are alike. For some reason it is more desirable to hang out on the back of the chair or loveseat than the couch. *shrugs*

      It seems like we did a lot but really it feels like things were missing. I missed camping and fishing.

  3. I love all the smiles and furriness in this blog. You are very pretty :)

    1. I left out the day I went to the spa for the pedicure. Oh well.

      Thanks for the compliment.

      I'm still somewhat concerned with Brandy. Now her eyes are really red. Not just bloodshot but red. She's not bothered by them....but dogs rarely feel like we do. Tonight I've given her some benadryl. I'm thinking it won't be long before we have another vet trip.

  4. Replies
    1. Brandy is the best doggie ever. As far as this red eye thing goes....I've given her a couple doses of benadryl and they seem to be responding. I'm going to keep on that and see if they clear up completely. She is such a good little dog and with her personality one would never know she's ill or not feeling good. I love her to pieces.