Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Boo ~

Ghost Poop ready to hand out to students.
1.  A few days ago I made an executive decision.  I will not and refuse to let winter get me down.  I will dress accordingly and trudge through snow and muck and I won't let it stop me from having a life this winter season.  This is really important for me.  I spent a lot of time last winter in depression and inside.  I vow to not repeat that scenario.

2.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in the path of Sandy Frankenstorm and those who have not met her yet.  I've viewed pictures of places I've been to in NYC and some are hardly recognizable.  But also beware because there are a few pics circulating that are photo shopped.  There is not a shark in the waters on the East Side.

3.  Yesterday I made little baggies for my students for Halloween.  They are receiving Ghost Poop.  If you google you will find multitudes of blogs with this idea and a few have pdf's of tags to print out.  Basically, Ghost Poop is marshmallows.  I think the 6 students who are dedicated enough to come to lessons on Halloween deserve a cool treat.

4.  My iPod reminder just went off.  I'm supposed to be cleaning the dining room.  Doh!

5.  I made a great slow cooker recipe on Sunday.  It was cubed chicken, 1 can mushroom soup, 1 pkt onion soup mix, 2 cups sour cream.  It was really yummeh.  Next time I'd add a can of mushrooms and red peppers for a serving of veggies.  It sort of tasted like a stroganoff.  Totally tasty.

6.  Since I started keeping track of my food on FitnessPal I've made the following changes.....  I've cut out coffee creamer.  I'm using splenda for coffee instead.  I've cut down to only 1 cup of coffee a day as well.  I was drinking 3 before.  I've replaced those other cups of coffee with tea or hot cocoa.  I've really cut down on snacking.  I've started to make large weekend meals that can be portioned out and carried on into the week.  This week I've changed my breakfast to a yogurt cup.  Liberte came out with a cup that is half fruit and half yogurt for 80 cals.  I'd really like to add a little more calcium.  It is a work in progress but I am feeling the benefit.

7.  Brandy turns 13 on November 11th.  I want to get her a pillow for the dining room.  Right now she is laying on two bedroom pillows beside me as I type at the table.  I know she'd love something more comfy that she can call her own.

8.  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  I'm going to be the Ultimate Rider Fan.  In other words, I am going as myself.  Tee hee.  I bought black tights so I can wear my Rider shorts.  I have football glasses too.  I'm going to have fun with this one.

9.  I think I have too much candy.  There will be a high of -5*C and I kind of doubt we will have lot's of visiters.  Now I am worried about having left over candy.  Although, if I'm good and don't get into it myself, I can save it for Christmas treats or even make cookies out of it.

10.  BOO!


  1. I struggle every winter with depression. I love your ghost poop, lol..your recipe sounds yummy..I have been keeping my calories below my allotted calories but I am not seeing the change I would like to...I'm gonna have to make some major changes I think.

  2. My thyroid med "Synthroid" has depression as a side effect. Last winter was really bad. It's dumb. I've lived here my whole entire life why would it make any difference? I've decided to suck it up and not let it get me down.

    Don't get me wrong. I have not lost a ton of weight or anything. I'm noticing small changes. I'm sleeping better. I feel more alert during the day. I'm not craving stuff as bad. I'm not stressing over meals. Today my bra felt looser. I feel like I can move a little easier. They are all small things.

    That chicken recipe was 247 calories. I believe it served 8 and one serving was 1.5 cups. I also served it on jasmine rice. But noodles would be great too. But like I said...it lacked the veggie serving.

  3. I like # 1 . Winter sucks with dark mornings, dark afternoons etc but at least I don't have to put up with all the snow. Well not usually for long anyhow. Enjoy halloween and well done with the changes you're making :)

    1. The snow is relatively easy to deal with now that I have good winter tires. The cold is another thing. The cold makes cars not start and it's hard to get places. But I won't let that stop me this year. I'll will be smart about it but I'm not going to let it command my life. :D

      Thanks! I am liking the changes I'm making too.

  4. Haha. I thought Ghost Poop was the same as Ninja Poop. Color me embarrassed.

    1. I'm not sure what Ninja Poop is....and I don't think I want to know either!

  5. Winter IS depressing. It's just the nature of it. BUT it does have good stuff in it too.. hmmm... let's see:

    1. turtle necks!
    2. thick socks!
    3. RED mittens! (okay I don't have any but in the absence of Miki I had to mention them)
    5. BOOTS
    6. HOT COCOA
    7. uhm.... seven.. let's see nope.. that's it.

    but turtle necks! that's pretty good.

    1. I can't wear turtle necks. I don't have much of a neck to start with. I also have a hard time with things around my neck. Sometimes even necklaces bother me.

      RED Mittens!!! RCMP!!! Miki sent me mine. *beams*

      You forgot Santa and Christmas concerts and tv specials and Christmas music and sparkly decorations....

      Then there's January.

  6. I love MyFitnessPal :)

    I wore a witch hat and painted my nails black. I wandered around campus and handed out chocolate to teenagers in the course of my chaperoning duties. Hee hee... dootee...