Friday, November 23, 2012

Cake Mix Cookies

 My new coworker and friend brought these cookies to work one day.  They were very yummy.  I did some quick googling and found out there are unlimited variations.  I decided to make chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.

I bought Co-Op Gold Moist & Delicious Devel's Food Cake mix.  When I googled [yes, google is my bff] the nutritional values I found out it is the same as Duncan Hines.  Betty Crocker was a smaller mix and had different values.  I don't know if the brand of cake mix has anything to do with quality....but when it's an ingredient having a generic or store brand doesn't bother me.

1 box cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil [I used Canola]
1 cup chocolate chips [I used Hershey's Pure White Chocolate Chips]

Basically you mix the whole thing up.  It makes a very stiff dough.  You take teaspoon scoops of the dough and and roll it in your hands to form a walnut sized lump and place on greased cookie sheet.  I failed to grease my non-stick cookie sheets and should have.  They didn't really stick badly, but enough to make me go "why? oh why? didn't you follow directions?"

Then you bake them at 350*F for 8 to 10 minutes.  My oven is hot so it was more like 325 for 10 minutes and I probably could have baked them for less time because they didn't turn out as fluffy as the ones from work.  Doesn't matter though, they are yummers!

My recipe ended up making 37 cookies.  I don't know why the odd number but I was pretty happy considering the original recipe said it made 24.  After I entered all the info into the recipe do-hicky on MyFitnessPal they ended up being 105 calories each.

Hubby taste tested.....
.....several times.

I think the possibilities of this recipe are endless.  I'd like to make Christmas cookies using crushed candy canes instead of chocolate chips.  I'd like to try carrot cake with raisins.  I'd like to try cherry chip cake with chocolate chips.  I have a feeling this recipe is going to get a massive workout.


  1. I've made these before. Got the recipe from Dear Abby, I believe. The are pretty tasty.

    1. I like simple recipes. I made my mom's chocolate chips cookies a while back and they were about 170 calories a cookie. These are every bit as good. Also cake mixes go on sale often at our grocery store. It's easier than having all baking stuff on hand....if one was inclined to bake often.

  2. *smiles n waves at a few familiar faces wondering if they've seen Muzenews*

    It's good to see you, and I hope you're well! nom nom nom nom nom

  3. These are new to me and I think I will try them out..thanks for sharing :)

  4. Did you try the cherry chip with chocolate chips? Cake mixes were on sale for a buck and a quarter so I bought a couple thinking I'd try this.