Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Blog has Been Dog-Jacked

Brandy approx. February 2000
Hi!  My name is Brandy~puppy the Super Dog.  I was born on November 11th, 1999.  In Canada, November 11th is Remembrance Day.  Dad calls it Novembrance Day.  Mom wanted to call me Poppy but Dad protested and said that was a silly name so instead I got named Brandy because when my fur coat grows out it turns a Brandy colour.

I've had a ruff year.  Last year I had throat surgery for Laryngeal Paralysis.  My ears are always stinky and itchy.  And in July I got an intestinal virus.  Mom worries about me all the time.  She doesn't like it that Dad doesn't worry enough.

Today I got to go for a car ride to the Central Animal Hospital.  I thought maybe we were going to the groomer but knew something was up when the car didn't turn the right way.  I got a little worried.  But then when we got to the doctors there was a black lab in the waiting room and I forgot about being worried.

There's weren't any cats there today.  Cats are my mortal enemy.

Dr. Powell put me on a table.  I had trouble standing because my paws are really furry.  I almost fell off once.  Dr. Powell looked at my eyes, ears and felt my tummy.  Then he tested the moisture in my eyes by putting these paper strips in my eyes.

I didn't like that.  I retaliated by pooping on his floor.

Dr. Powell says I have an ear infection.  I got medicine and ear drops.  He told Mom to clean my eyes with Saline like she uses to clean her contacts and recommended some eye drops that she can buy at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Dr. Powell said I'm in good health and can expect to live until I'm 17!

I think I really lucked out.  Dr. Powell said not to clean my ears!  HURRAY!  *wags tail*

We have to go back next Friday on Mom's Birthday Eve for a check up.

When we got home Mom gave me the medicine in a piece of bread.  Then she squirted the drops in my ears.

I didn't like that.  I retaliated by laying in the middle of the backyard until Mom learned her lesson.

That cookie sure did taste good when I came inside!  *wags tail* 

A baby picture for Auntie Andrea.  About 10 weeks old.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter Ten [It's a Novel Idea]

I burst into my apartment tossing the grocery bags to the counter. I could hear my phone ringing from the hallway. I grabbed it from its docking station. “Hello?” I answered breathless. I had walked the two blocks and back to the grocery store. Now that I didn't have a car, I was going to have to get used to all the walking.

“Hi.....Did I get you away from something?” It was Will.

“I'm just getting home.” I kicked the door shut and shrugged out of my jacket. “I was out getting some groceries.”

“Its a good day to do errands I suppose.”

“Well, I had company this afternoon and I didn't have a thing on hand.”

“That seems to be going around.”

I laughed. “Not much you can make with a fridge full of condiments.” I started taking things out of my shopping bags and put them away.

“So Ann how has life been treating you?”

“Great actually.” I thought back to the afternoon and to Reese's visit. “I've met the most interesting, mysterious and infuriating man.”

Will laughed. “Opposites least that's what people say.”

“I shouldn't say much. I mean there really isn't that much to say. I don't know very much about him.” I paused. “It's like I only know one side of him.”

“Maybe he has a good reason for not letting you know all his secrets.” Was will actually defending Reese?

“He says he does.” I was still sticking groceries in cabinets. I left the box of chocolate chip cookies out and ripped open the package. I took one out and crunched into it. “Enough about me.....what have you been up to?”

“I've been on a date.” Will answered.


“Yup, Mr. Lonely just might have found himself a girl.”

“What's she like?”

“She's responsible, funny and impossibly cute.” Gosh, that's how I would like to be described. It made me think.

“, Will, Why do you think it's so easy for us to talk like this?” The question hung out over the air waves.

“I know what you mean.” Will paused. “It's like we're old friends.”

I picked at my cookie. “Exactly, I feel like I already know you. Like we are just long distance friends.”

“Like we've already met.”

“Do you think we have?” I thought out loud. “I mean maybe we've passed on the street and just smiled at each other and kept going.....we'd never know.”

“That's doubtful.” Will stated. “My life is very different from yours.”

“Why? Don't you think that could happen?”

“It's just that.....if you did see me out and about it would cause such a commotion and you'd probably find yourself wrapped up in something you would want to run away screaming as fast as you could.”

Sounded like Frankenstein. “Maybe.....maybe not.”

“Ann, its just that.....if you knew.....saw the real me.....” His voice trailed off.

What was it with these guys? Why was they so guarded about their personal lives? My life seemed to be an open book. Of course there wasn't really that much to it. I worked. I slept. I worked some more. If it wasn't for Reese injected into my life I would actually wonder what the whole point of it was.

There was a door opening and closing in the background noise of Will's call. There was muffled talking.....running lines today.....blow me off like that.....

“Um. Sorry Ann, I have to run. There's something I've got to take care of here.”

“Okay Will. We'll talk again soon I'm sure.” But the line was already dead.

I poured myself a tall glass of milk and took another cookie from the box. I slumped into my dining room chair and dunked my cookie. I waited for the milk to drain off and thought about my life. On one hand I had Will. Granted I had no idea what he looked like, but we had some kind of connection.....maybe it was just a phone connection, but it was there. We could talk about anything. Almost. But, he was just a voice on a random phone call. But Reese was real. Beautiful Reese. There was an obvious magnetism there but he was so careful.....he only wanted me to see one part of his life. Why? I was so stubborn. I was going to find out one way or the other. I'd have to keep probing until he'd tell me.

The phone was ringing again. I jumped up to answer it. “Will, did you forget something?”

“Who?” the female voice asked. “Stacey this is Emily.”

“Oh Emily, I'm sorry I thought maybe you were somebody else.” I slumped back to my chair.

“Hey, well I got wind that some more of that movie filming is going on this evening again. Do you want to come?”

What excuse could I come up with? “I don't know.” Trying to think fast. “I don't think I'm up to it tonight. Celebrity stalking isn't really my thing.”

“Well, Re..... and there” her cell phone was breaking up.

“Emily you're breaking up.....I can't understand you.”

There was static, but then it cleared up. “Sorry I'm having trouble with this new phone.” She was crystal clear now. “So how about it?”

“Thanks for the invite though.” I told Emily. “But no.”

More static followed by a loud.....


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ 9/11 ~

There are no words.  So I'm just diving in.

1.  Today is my Mommy's birthday.  I phoned her last night because usually my brother visits in the evening and I knew she'd be busy with him.  I told her that I hoped she has a great day and gets a special treat.

2.  Today is also the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.  I am dismayed by the lack of mention on Canadian news and TV today.  There is a lot of mention online, but not all of it is good and thoughtful and there's lot's of conspiracy people out there too.  Two excellent movies to watch about this day are Remember Me and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

3.  It is incredibly windy here today.  There was a wind storm in the town where my sister used to live that knocked trees down.  I hate it when it's this windy because the vent over the stove flaps and claps in the wind.  I feel like I'm going to see the Wicked Witch fly by.

4.  I have a shortened work day today.  I felt very frazzled and off balance at work yesterday.  I hope I am centred today.  I don't like being like that.  I'm happy to be home early because the premiere of Parenthood is on tonight!

5.  Having seen the 9/11 Memorial it is very difficult to fathom what happened there.  I mean, you see the footprint of the buildings and you look towards the sky and try to envision how tall the towers were and you know in your head what happened and's like your eyes don't believe it.

6.  I got 2 extra pillows and put them beside me in the kitchen.  Brandy is curled up on them, sleeping.....and snoring.  It makes me smile.  Puppies are silly.  I gave her Benadryl last night and she ate well this morning.  I think she feels better.  Her vet appointment is Thursday morning.

7.  This Friday we are going to my In Laws.  My Brother in Law is visiting from the Pacific North West and we want to see him.  I'll be home Sunday but Hubby is staying later and riding the bus home.

8.  We've been eating tomatoes from our garden for a month.  I'm afraid I will begin to look like one.

9.  I love and .ca.  I ordered refills for my Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works.  We don't have that store here.  The nearest store is Edmonton.  So I ordered from  They arrived today.  I bought Pumpkin Patch & Cranberry Frost.

10.  I'd really like to wear my New York tee shirt to work today but I won't.  It's not appropriate.  I hope we get the chance to visit the city again.  If you have the chance you should.  It's a remarkable city. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rising From the Ashes

I've always had a different perspective of September 11th.  I tried to explain what that day means to me in a blog written 2 years ago The Day the World Kept Turning.  You see, September 11th is my Mom's birthday.  For several years these two occasions have left me with mixed feelings.  I have a sense of devastation and celebration.  It's very confusing to feel and explain.

I don't know when Hubby and I decided that we should go to New York for our spring vacation.  I don't think I always wanted to go, but it seems like I've wanted to travel there for what seems like five years.....maybe more.  I even tried to convince Hubby that we should go at Christmas time so we could visit Times Square and see the ball drop.  Instead, we found a great deal on Expedia shortly after Christmas this year and visited New York for 10 days over Easter.

New York is an amazing and incredible city.  We stayed in Queens just a short jaunt from the subway.  We decided to do all our travelling via subway or the foot-mobile.  It was the only way to truly experience the city.  I'd see people from all walks of life.  Everyone was eager to help giving directions.  I never felt like my safety was in question.  

The new World Trade Center construction.
Whenever we took a tour, the guide was sure to point out where the Twin Towers stood.  The gap in the skyline is obvious.  One tour guide said that no one should ever call it Ground Zero again.  He said that Ground Zero refers to a place of chaos and devastation.  When you look at the World Trade Center site now, there is rebirth.  The 9/11 Memorial is open and the new buildings are taking shape.  It is now a place of remembrance and hope.

On our final day of our trip we went to the 9/11 Memorial.  Visitors must book a time online ahead of time.  Then you go to the Visitor Center and claim your ticket.  You have a certain window of time to be there.  We were ahead of time so we visited St. Paul's Chapel where the firemen, policemen, and other responders took refuge in the days after the collapse.  

WTC 2 Reflecting Pool
There is an immense amount of security at most New York land marks.  At the 9/11 Memorial there is airport like security, but once cleared, the Memorial is breathtaking.  In each acre footprint there are reflection pools.  Around each pool, engraved in bronze, are the names of the victims.  It's very tactile.  You can touch each name.  Some of them look familiar from seeing them on documentaries.  What is most striking is the life the site is bringing to the city of New York.  The trees are growing, children are there laughing and just beyond the memorial the new World Trade Center building is taking shape.

I look forward to a time when the security restrictions are lifted and one can walk down the street and stop to gaze into the memorial pools.  I look forward to a day when I no longer dread that my Mom has to share this day with something so tragic.  Everyone deserves to move forward because the City of New York has found that courage for us and has risen from the ashes.

Postcards - The Staten Island 9/11 Memorial