Thursday, October 11, 2012

Java & The Human Bean

We usually buy Kirkland Brand coffee from Costco.  It always tastes good.  The last while I've gotten hooked on adding creamers for flavouring.  I know they are calorie rich and full of sugar and fat, but man, they make a cup of coffee taste good.  This morning I had the thought, "If I had my own coffee company I'd make coffee sweet no one has to add anything."  Why hasn't anyone thought of that?

My coffee shop would be called The Human Bean.  It would be created with real people in know, the human kind who don't care about fancy names.  There wouldn't be any tall, grande or vente in my shop.  Nope, just good old small, medium, large and the give-me-all -the-coffee-you have jumbo size.

The cups would be real insulated cups too with non-spill lids.  There's be no need for fancy cuffs or double cupping.  Everyone would enjoy the lids because it wouldn't mess that white blouse you worked so hard ironing for the job interview only to stop and drip coffee down the front.  Ugh.  Right?!

I'd have blends like Wide Awake,  Intravenous,  The Morning After, I've Got Company, Heading to Bed [decaf of course], Working Late, First Date, Save Me from My Kids [which may or may not have a shot of Vodka added] and PMS.  Although PMS might just be hot chocolate with a coffee bean floating on top.

There would be cold drinks as well.  They'd have titles like Lordy I'm Hot, Chillaxin' and Sitting in the Shade.

This wouldn't be the type of coffee shop to sell frou-frou types of baking.  Good old fashioned cookies and squares is what I'd sell.  Nanaimo Bars, Matrimonial Squares, Rice Crispy Treats and real cookies that were made for dipping like Ginger Snaps.

Yup.  There'd be no messing around at the Human Bean.

The staff would be friendly and helpful.  We'd encourage you to sit and visit but if you'd rather sit and do might just want to continue on your way.  It would be comfortable but not that comfortable.  We'd play real music on the sound system, but we wouldn't try to peddle you the latest cd.  We'd have it tuned in softly so you could carry on a decent conversation without yelling and straining your voice.

Alas, it is not meant to be.  When I googled the name, someone else has already taken it made it organic and fair trade.  Meh. I guess I'll settle for my International Chocolate Mint creamer after all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter Eleven [It's a Novel Idea]

I was glad when I dragged myself from my bed to see that sunlight was not streaming in the window but that it was cloudy and raining. The rain had woken me up in the night but I liked the sound of the drops hitting the window. They had lulled me back to sleep quickly. But that's when the dreaming had started. Reese was starring in it and then there was someone else who's face I couldn't see. It had all turned bad when Frankenstein attacked. I shuddered at the memory.

I had gone through my morning routine swiftly. I did the same things in the same order every work day morning. I probably could do it in my sleep if I really needed to. The traffic was heavy this morning. I turned on my car radio as I drove to the downtown. filming again on the river bank tying up lot's of intersections.....plan ahead.....Watch out for driving downtown today folks.....Police are urging fans to stay away....

Ugh! I switched off the radio. I wished I had known that before I had left home. Thankfully though, traffic was moving steadily enough and since the bank is just on the edge of the downtown core I was able to get to work without too much of a hassle.

I pulled into my parking spot behind the bank. Emily was just going in the door and held the door for me. She was all excited. “Did you hear on the radio about the filming?”

“Ya” I answered entering the back of the building. “Traffic was all snarled up.”

“If I didn't have to work today, I'd be down there watching!” We walked into the staff room.

I hung up my jacket and shook my head. Emily seemed more like a crazed teenager than the 25 year old she was. “What are they filming anyway?”

“You mean you don't know?” Emily watched my expression. “I mean I've seen you carrying the book around and all.”

“What do you mean.....I've been reading Dusk, but.....”

“That's right, silly!” She laughed at my expense. “That's why every woman with eyes has been following that hunky.....”

“Alright ladies,” Nate interrupted us. “Time to get to work. Clock's tickin'.”

“We'll talk later.” Emily said as we were taking our places at our windows.

It hadn't taken long and the sleepiness of the night before had my looking for a stool. I pulled it up to my counter and sat down. Mornings were generally slow and it was even quieter than normal with traffic being rerouted downtown. Why was it that I didn't know all these things that Emily knew? I mean I was a functioning member of society. How did I miss out on this stuff? I wasn't less of a girl. Maybe it was a maturity thing.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a stranger at the customer service counter which was being manned by Alex today. We had kept our distance since.....well, you know.

“I'm looking for Stacey Anders.” The man said.

Alex was leading him my way. He looked average. He looked somewhat nice. He couldn't be from revenue canada.....I wasn't a wanted woman.....that I knew of, anyway. “This is Stacey.” Alex told the man. He stayed just a minute to make sure I was okay. That was uncharacteristic and sweet, but totally not needed.

“I have a message for you.” The man told me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I'm James.” He explained. “Mr. Reese's assistant.”

“Oh.” Snazzy! He has an assistant. Cool.

“I'm supposed to give you a message. Mr. Reese apologizes that he cannot come himself. He's rather tied up this morning.” James smiled and then slid an envelope to me on the counter. The envelope had the insignia and stamp of Peake Entertainment on it.

“Thanks.” I took the envelope. James nodded, turned and walked away.

The envelope was only sealed with a thin piece of tape. I used my letter opener from my drawer to slide it open. I unfolded the note paper that was inside.

I can't wait to see you again. Meet me in the lobby of the Bessborough as soon as you are finished work. I'll send a car to pick you up.

Oh my God.” Emily was looking over my shoulder reading my note.

She has a secret admirer-er.” Alex was there too.

I looked around. Even Nate who was across the bank floor looked interested. Or maybe he was perturbed that no one was working. I crumbled the note up so no one could read it. I turned on my stool to look at Emily. Her pleading eyes wanted details.

I met him a couple of weeks ago and we kind of hit it off.” Although hit it off was an understatement. I was finding it hard to be away from him too.

What does he look like? What does he do?” The questions spilled from Emily with lightening speed. Alex had walked away mumbling something about girl talk.

I thought about what he looks like. His messy brown hair, his piercing blue eyes, his hands on my face and his lips......

Earth to Stacey.” Emily wanted to know now.

He is so cute, Em.” I couldn't help but smile. “He's got this messy hair do and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. He smiles.....oh man, when he smiles this crooked smile at me.....”

This sounds familiar.” Emily was saying. She was walking back to her counter. She opened a drawer and came back with a magazine. She waved it at me. “Does he look anything like this?”

Yeah, right.” I was about to say but then my eyes focused on the cover.

Oh. My. God.

A million thoughts sped through my mind. There he was on the cover of this magazine his blue eyes looking back at me. The headline 'Rising Dusk Star William Reese'. I grabbed it from her.

William Reese? William.....Reese. Will. Reese.

Phone conversations echoed in my head. If you knew the real me. Can't tell you. You'd run away screaming. Then live conversations. I'm in an industry where its really hard to trust people.

All the pieces fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. Of course I felt like Will was an old friend. I had spent the whole weekend with him. He had kissed me. He had held me. He wouldn't tell me things like Reese wouldn't. He couldn't wait to see me again.

Stacey does he look like this guy?”

I finally cleared my head enough to speak. “Em, he doesn't just look like this.” I looked up at her questioning eyes. She was going to freak out. “Em, this IS him.”

The look on her face was stunning. She looked like I felt.

Will was Reese. I had seen him.....not only passing on the street.....passing through my life. I was in love with a movie star.

And he couldn't wait to see me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Untitled ~

Looking South West on the South Saskatchewan River
But, even when I title the blog "untitled" it's still titled isn't it?  Because the word "untitled" is the title.

Maybe I should say Un-Labeled instead.

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Un-Labeled ~


1.  Some one said recently "I can't be bothered spending time thinking about how the things I say make someone feel.  Life is too short."  And this was said by a "loved one".

2.  Some people will never change.  I've accepted that.  I know they won't change.  This is how they are.  When you accept that it's funny how you stop caring about them too.

3.  I love me.  I am awesome.  My house is messy.  I stay up too late and sleep too late.  I eat Pop Tarts for breakfast [sometimes] and put cream in my coffee.  My jeans might be tight and my make up a little too bold.  I love deeply.  I am passionate about my Riders.  I am a role model for my students.  And no matter what you say my dog is going to heaven when she passes.  I don't need to be validated by anyone.

4.  I decided a long long time ago that Hubby and Brandy were my family and the welfare of My Family comes first and foremost.

5.  I live in a multicultural city.  Do not point out to me the nationality of my neighbour or the person working in Timmies.  I appreciate that these people have come here in search of a life.  I appreciate that they are working and providing for their families and not living off the system.  I love people.  I don't need to know what colour their skin is.

6.  Some people need to remember that their parents and grand parents were immigrants to this country too.  My Dad's heritage is from England.  My Mom's heritage is from Scotland and right here.  Yes, they were First Peoples-Indigineous Aboriginal-Indian-Metis people.  I am thankful for all of the branches of the family tree.  Without them I wouldn't live here.

7.  My new neighbours moved in on the weekend.  I have only seen one vehicle with an Alberta license plate.  I've only seen one male leave the house.  I'm excited to see who is living there!  I was also sad to see the other neighbours go and I wish I had gone to tell them how much I appreciated them.  They looked out for other neighbours and that's unique these days.

8.  My iPod is freaking awesome.  I am using the reminders more and more.  I love it.  I feel like I don't need to remember so much.  My brain is free-er.  At the same time.....Angry Birds is far too addicting and it makes me angry when the pigs laugh at me.

9.  I live in the most amazing place.  The fall has been beautiful.  We still have some colourful leaves on the trees and the temperature isn't all that cool yet.  I live in the fastest growing city in western Canada and yet a short drive away is a lake to relax.  I'm only 1.5 hours away from my parents.  I drive 10 minutes to work.  Nothing is too far away or too close.  It's a terrific place.  And it's where my Hubby and Doggie live.

10.  I hope everyone had a great Canadian Thanksgiving.  Mine was "meh".  But it's alright because as you can see I have a lot to be thankful for and having a turkey meal turn out/not turn out doesn't change all of those things.