Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dream Intervention

I think two people came together in my dream last night to hold an intervention.  Dieting and weight loss was on my mind because I had received my letter to see a dietitian although I thought it was a nutritionist and it turned out to be a workshop and not a one on one consultation so.....I was upset by it.

In my dream, my school director [Boss really] who has recently lost about 35 pounds and my coworker, Andrea, who has never had to diet in her life I am sure, confronted me about my weight.  Well, actually they were making fun of me.  They'd never actually do that.  They are both good people.  I was really upset with them and stormed off to the bathroom where sitting on the counter was a bowl of cereal.  Go figure.  Oh and the whole thing happened at my parents house.

Dreams are weird.

Today I realized that the Andrea in my dream was only a namesake.  I know another Andrea.  A very creative, loving, pet mama who shares many of my same concerns.  THIS is the Andrea in my dream telling me to get in shape.  Stop being a lazy bones.  Get ready for New York!

Shortly after I got my iPod I downloaded the app, MyFitnessPal.  It is also a website.  I never used it.  I downloaded it because I had noticed my Bosses Mom had also lost a significant amount of weight.  She mentioned the app to me and it just happens to be the same one Andrea mentioned to me about a year ago.  Ugh.  What can I say?  I downloaded it and never opened it.  Funny's not going to work until you actually use it.

Well, I finally opened it.  OHMYGOD it's cool.  It keeps track of everything.  You can scan store bought foot via bar code.  You can store your own recipes.  It keeps track of exercise and makes suggestions and yes, it even said, smilingriderfan needs inspiration she hasn't logged in for 3 weeks.


I don't know yet if I'm going to attend the dietitian workshop.  It coincides with my work schedule.  I've got to figure that part out.  In the meantime, I'm going to log my food and get a good idea of what I'm eating and then next week I'll add some exercise.  

I've got to do something so people stop showing up in my dreams.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ It's Not Winter Yet ~

It's not winter yet.  It was close.  There was that one day that it snowed all morning but luckily it melted as it hit the ground.  I switched my morning alarm to Let It Snow.  Ever since that day, we've had sunshine and nice temps.  I am trying to cherish these days.

I know what is to come.

But it's not winter yet.

1.  I went to Halloween Spirit yesterday.  I wasn't really looking for a costume but couldn't help noticing how small and inappropriate most costumes are.  I'm not talking about scary, I mean sexy.  There were 50 Shades of Grey outfits for adults.  What?  I bought fake green hair strips that clip into my own hair, some LED votive lights and Angry Birds socks.

2.  I am going as  myself for Halloween.  And by "myself" I mean, I'm going to go in full Roughrider Fan regalia.  You know, because that's how I roll in the 306.

3.  This Sunday is the first day of the Christmas Countdown.  There is a website called Organized Christmas.  I follow the plans every year for a stress free holiday.  It really works.

4.  Remembrance Day falls on a Sunday this year.  That means the "holiday" will be observed on Monday.  That means it will be a long weekend.

5.  The day before Remembrance Day, the 10th day of November 2012 will be written 10/11/12.

6.  The week of Halloween I have my students pick out their Christmas songs for the Christmas Recital.  I love teaching Christmas Songs.

7.  This Friday Brandy goes back to see Dr. Powell as a follow up about her ears.  She has awesome ears for the first time in years.  She's still somewhat fussy about her food.  I'm wondering if she has a tooth issue.  I'll ask when we go.

8.  This weekend we will insulate our windows with plastic.  It is a hateful job.  Last year we bought and put plastic on but it was a poor grade and wouldn't stay stuck.  We were angry and it was a waste of money.  This time we've found the brand that we used initially.  It will last 2 years of done correctly.

9.  I loved the crock pot recipe I made on the weekend.  This time of year makes me want to make comfort food.  I was wanting stew but with the current beef recall I'm a little shy on buying beef.  I'm going to research another chicken recipe for this weekend.  But the Chicken and Barley stew was a win!

10.  Don't tell anyone, but I've been into the Halloween candy.  No one will know unless they move the box.  Shhhh!