Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Thought Tuesday ~ 28 Sleeps ~

My Charlie Brown Tree
It is 28 Sleeps until the jolly fat dude breaks into my house to leave presents!  Well, not my house.  I won't be home.  But Mr. Clause has been known to break into my parents home from time to time and since that's where we'll be spending Christmas this year I have high hopes that is where I might catch a glimpse of this festive reverse burglar.

He can't come in the chimney.  They don't have a fireplace.  The chimney leads directly to the furnace.  THAT doesn't sound like a good idea.  

1.  Santa must be the messiest eater there is.  When ever I left out a plate of cookies and milk for him there were crumbs all over and milk spilled.  What the heck?  It's one thing to break in but does he have to mess up the place?

2.  Plum Pudding.  My Mom and I are the only two people in the family who like Plum Pudding with caramel sauce.  I'm not sure we'll have it this year.

3.  I love fruit cake too.  I love the light cake kind without nuts and with that nice thick almond frosting.  Yup.  I love fruit cake.  I am what I eat.

4.  When I looked in the mirror just now I thought I looked like Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club.

5.  What's your favourite Christmas movie?  I love Christmas movies.  There are so many!  It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Christmas in Connecticut, Scrooge, The Christmas Story......YOU'LL SHOOT YER EYE OUT!

6.  I think White Christmas is one of my most favourite Christmas songs ever.  But I also love the rockier type like Holly Jolly Christmas, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, or.....who am I kidding?  I love them all.  Except Little Drummer Boy.  I draw the line there. _______  <-- line is drawn.

7.  Gremlins.  Now there's a non-traditional Christmas movie.

8.  I found 4 December birthday cards.  I only needed 2 but I bought all 4 anyway.  They are so hard to find.  I need one for my Brodder who was born on Christmas Day and was just narrowly missed being named Rudolph.  The other I needed for my Seester who was born on New Year's Eve.

9.  I am done my Christmas shopping.  I would like to find one more spectacular present for Hubby though.  He's just too dang practical.

10.  This Saturday Hubby and I will put up our fake green pipe cleaner tree and decorate it with all kinds of amazing ornaments we've collected over our nearly 20 years together.  Then Brandy will once again get to lay on her most favourite blankie ever.....the red fuzzy Christmas tree skirt.  We will be a merry bunch.

Brandy last Christmas shortly after her throat surgery on her favourite blankie.