Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ End of January ~

Everyone says that they dread the month of January because it is so long.  It's 31 days.  There are a few other months with 31 days.  Like October.  No one ever says they can't wait for October to be over.

Then I guess at the end of October we are rewarded with candy.

1.  You have to wait until Valentine's Day for candy.  And pfft.  If you don't have a Valentine [it's over hyped anyway] go buy your own candy.  Why not?  I bet you love yourself!

2.  We are heading back into the deep freeze for a few days and then according to the long term forecast, February is looking about normal temps.  Over night we got more snow and roads are not good.  Travel isn't recommended for most parts of the province and I've heard to be very careful driving in the city.

3.  I must remember to take two pieces of music to work.  One is the Super Mario Theme and the other is a Twilight song.  I know you might be rolling your eyes.  I don't care.  It's called Jacob's Theme and is a nice little tune.

4.  I have my meatloaf in the oven.  It's the best meatloaf recipe I've ever tried.  If you are interested  I might be convinced (bribed) to do a blog post about it.

5.  Special K came out with two new flavours of Cracker Chips.  One is BBQ and the other Zesty Southwest.  I thought the southwest would be like nacho flavoured, but no, it's sort of like Ranch.  And by the way, what is a cracker chip?  Are you a cracker or a chip?  You can't be both.  Choose.

6.  It looks as though our New York return trip isn't happening.  I didn't nag my parents about dog sitting.  It just isn't worth the headache.  Instead, Hubby and I are spending the money and putting new windows in our house.  We have 1974 metal sliders.  We cover them in plastic every year but really....they need to be upgraded.  I am very pleased.

7.  Brandy has fully transitioned to the grain free doggie food.  She seems to like it.  She doesn't turn her nose up at it.  It's turkey and potatoes....who wouldn't love that?  It's like every day is Thanksgiving for dogs!

8.  I gave my piano students a writing assignment.  They were to write 4 bars of a song.  I provided the LH chords and they just had to come up with a melody.  They had to make it so it made sense...had rhythm etc...and had to be titled.  From the 6 I got back yesterday, only 1 student followed instructions.  The student who followed instructions is the one who I have problems with and wants to quit.  Go figure.

9.  This week I am sticking with my exercise routine [3 bike rides of 15 minutes each] and eating carefully and eating an apple on exercise days.  This week, I am adding 1 glass of milk to 1 meal a day.  I realized my calcium intake was low to non-existent.  I don't know if any of it is making a difference, but I feel better trying to be and do better.

10.  Biggest question ever:  Who do you have in the Superbowl?  I haven't chosen yet but I think the 49ers have the momentum to win. 


  1. 1. For valentines day I LOVE the cards and decorations:) I don't think candy when I think if that day.
    2. Brrr
    3. Good, as long as everybody is happy!
    4. You know...
    5. Confused food might cause indigestion.
    8. Awwww someone likes it but won't say it

    1. I guess I always think of candy because my Dad would give my Mom the most elaborate satin hearts filled with chocolates. I was always envious. He'd give me a little heart of my own. But I'm sure the chocolates in hers were better! Hubby and I don't really "do" Valentines. There's too much pressure.

      This writing assignment is going over really well and I'm getting great feedback from parents too!

      Cracker chips. Go figure.

  2. 1 - no candy I want FLOWERS damnit. I can get chocolate any day.
    2 - Yup. Brr. we have wet soggy rain - again.
    3 - play for us!
    4 - give it up!
    5 - ... but is it gOOD!?
    6 - Windows are good too. And you can go next year it'll be better then anyway.
    7 - So it's gOOD!
    8 - :)
    9 - Sounds like a plan stan!
    10 - yeah.. that's funny

    1. But fleurs die.
      Play what? The Super Mario or the other...Jacob's Theme? I can't. I took them both to work.
      The cracker chips are great. Chedder is my stand by. The Southwest is...well...er....interesting. It's like they can't figure out what they are supposed to be. I've tried the new Pepperidge Farm cracker chips too and they taste really good but are much more crackers than the Special K are.

  3. I so relate to that Sally cartoon up there. In fact, I stole it. That is me. January is almost over. We had THREE WEEKS of -40 temps. One and a half weeks of that we had wind chills that bottomed out (thank god) at -52. I was not made for winter, especially as our January cold snap was an extra week this year.

    But it's almost over!!! *happy dances*

    I like the Special K bars... there's a brown sugar one that's just awesome. I am very proud of you for your healthy efforts. After January is over I plan to follow...

    1. It's supposed to be -41 tonight. It's flippin' cold. We had a few days a couple weeks back and then the temps were back to normal. They are supposed to be this cold for a couple days and then even out again. It's not nearly as bad as last year or the year before.

      I've tried the Special K bars...the brown sugar one...and I didn't care for it myself. I love the Fibre 1 strawberry bars though and they are only 100 calories too. When I mentioned to the dietitian all the Special K things...she kind of turned her nose up at them. I think it was the processing she didn't like. I'm after convenience though.

  4. 1. I'm getting a big red cinnamon candle this year. No candy.
    2. I really shouldn't tell you this but it was 60 dgs. here today [15.55c]. But winter is returning after tomorrow.
    3. Could you have dueling pianos play those two pieces?
    4. What is considered proper meatloaf bribery?
    9. Yay!
    10. I'm going with the 49er's, too. It should be a good game.

    1. That would make for an interesting duet! For the first time ever [in several years anyway] I am having students do duets. I have teamed up 2 girls who used to be friends and lived on the same street until one moved away. I've also teamed up 2 girls who are usually competing against eachother but know eachother through church. It's going to be fun.

      Meatloaf bribery. *shrugs*

  5. Ooh, what were the chords you gave them? How did the one student's melody come out?

    Go Niners! They're my home team :)

    1. The chords were basic. C/C/G/C. This is a Grade 1 Improvising requirement. I'm sneaky, eh? Giving them something that's "fun" but making them learn something for an exam too! hehe.

  6. ♫ Dueling pinanos__dueling pinanos
    You'll come a dueling pinanos with me ♫

    Your QB, Rei, is really something. Have you read his Wiki pg.? The kid can play just about any sport at a major level.

  7. #4 please.Pretty, pretty, pretty please? LOL

    I have never ever received a valentine anything! *sulk*