Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Birthday Cake ~

Today is one of my bestest online friends birthday.  Mel-Arty-Ramya.  She is a friend of many names.

Friends are the birthday cake in the peanut butter and jam of life.

I just made that up.

*shines buttons*

1.  Yesterday was Family Day here in SK.  Hubby and I went to Walmart as a family.  It was a busy place, but not Christmas busy.  We bought a new laundry hamper and looked at containers for adding recycling bins under our sink.  The blue bin arrives this month.....I think.

2.  After wonderful spring like conditions, we have wind of -30*C if not colder today.   The car is plugged in.  I'll have to bundle up and use my heater in my classroom today.  It's the price I pay for living in these parts.

3.  Brandy went to the vet Saturday.  She has a mild rash on her bottom that requires me to clean her with baby wipes.  She also showed high protein in her urine.  There doesn't really seem to be a cause of it because her blood sample showed normal results.  At this time, her kidneys are functioning normal.  The vet, Dr. Dull, is supposed to phone me back with possibilities of what this means.  Brandy is not sick.  She's as happy as could be.

4.  I painted my nails an OPI colour called Chocolate Moose.  I painted the ring fingers a Butter brand colour called Scuppered.  I'm not sure what this food related finger painting means, but they look nice in the meantime.

5.  Having a holiday Monday makes for a great long weekend but ruins the whole week.  Tuesday becomes the new Monday and the whole balance of the week is thrown off.  Also, this is February break for schools.  I have 2 students missing today.  I suspect with the combination of cold weather we might get a ton of cancellations today.  Although, my students tend to be diehards.....but not the Bruce Willis kind.

6.  Sunday I spent some time and sorted my book shelf.  I'm giving some books away and also have a box to give my parents of books they might like to read.  I love books.  I have a thing for books and really need a book in my hand, but I'm thinking the time is coming where I should have a Kindle.  If I ever buy a Kindle I will need to invent a candle or room spray that smells like paper and ink.

7. I made what were supposed to be the Best Chocolate Chip Muffins Ever.  They are the best to take someone's eye out, maybe.  They are okay when warmed, but might send you straight to the dentist otherwise.  My search will continue for a good and yummy chocolate chip muffin.

8.  I slept really well last night and woke up a half hour earlier than normal.  That hasn't happened since before I got sick in November.  I think perhaps I am finally feeling rejuvenated.  I don't think the "diet" has anything to do with it.  I think my body just repaired itself.

9.  My young student did her first piano exam on Friday.  It will be about 2 weeks until results are posted.  I am hoping for 90.  I know she's capable of it.  I'm scared to wish for it though.  I've had others who I thought were capable and then got below average.  This girl totally deserves it though.  *crosses fingers*

10.  I am procrastinating.  I better get on with things.  I have a kitchen to clean and lunch to make before I head off in the cold to work.  Cheers!


  1. love the cartoon. I don't think I could survive in the cold that you have.

    1. It's not that bad. You get used to the weather no matter where you are.

  2. I am imagining Bruce playing piano with you for stickers in your little heated room in his tank top and machine gun strapped across his back:)

  3. Funny, we had a funky turn of weather here, too. It was warm and sunny last week, hinting that spring was on its way, and then it turned cold again. My plants are confused.

    Good luck to your student!

    1. I know. The weather is weird. I was back to my spring/fall jacket. Not this week! I'm all bundled up again.

  4. We are only NOW getting winter... I fear this means spring will be skipped again this year and we will simply have a long winter before we LEAP into a heat wave drought in June.

    Happy birthday Ramya!

    We had Family/Heritage day here on Monday too... it was a most excellent weekend.

    Our March break is in March... and no.. staff doesn't get the same perks as students and teachers.. but it is a good time to get some stuff done here spring cleanup in the offices.

    1. We don't get a march break unless Easter falls in March which it sorta does this year. I guess they are doing away with the week off in February. At one time it was when all the winter festivals happened but now people just go away. Also they used to just go away for the one week....at least the rich kids did. Now, parents think nothing of taking their kids away for 2 or 3 weeks. It won't matter if there is a break or not. I just know...I could use the time off. Although, I do have a pretty awesome job. I mean, I only work 4 or 5 hours a day so really shouldn't complain much. But lot's of thought goes into every student even if it's not physical planning. I'm always planning for the next thing....even next year. What grade are they advancing to? What will they do for year end? How to I get "X" to read her music properly? It keeps going. I need a mental break from that stuff.