Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ No Words ~

No words.

Those were my only words when I walked into work yesterday and it was snowing AGAIN.

There are no words left in my vocabulary to describe the amount of disgust associated with the length and amount of snowfall.

1.  Remember a few years ago I measured the temperature by the colour of jacket I had to wear?  Purple, grey or black?  Well I've come up with a new way.  It's the amount of Kermie visible to the nekkid eye.  Poor Kermie.

2.  There are exactly 100 days until the start of the CFL season!!!!  //=S=//

3.  I watched two movies on the weekend.  This is 40 and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  This is 40 was not the comedy it was touted to be.  It was an okay movie.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a great movie!  I was pleasantly surprised how charming it was.  It's on Netflix so watch it if you can.  Oh and the portrayal of the hotel manager was suspiciously similar to Renter Person.

4.  Brandy has been doing well.  We've adjusted to the new meds.  The spots from seborrhea dermatitis are going away.  The two on her back are still large but the colour is fading.  I noticed she has a bit more dandruff today even though we just bathed her Sunday night.  It's too hard to do it twice a week.  We go Thursday morning for a check up with our regular vet.

5.  This week is the celebration of Hubby's Grandpa's 95th birthday.  We sent him a card.  There was a gathering for him but for some reason we were not told about it.  Grandpa is a great man.

Hubby and Grandpa J

6.  Hummas.  Hummas is the most fantastic thing ever.  We bought some from Costco with some interesting sesame crackers.  Together they are addictive.

7.  I've been thinking a lot about last years trip to New York.  I guess it's because we've been comparing the weather so much.  I remember the cherry blossoms and the chocolate displays.  It was Easter after all and I've been craving chocolate like crazy.  And spring.  I'm craving chocolate and spring.

8.  I made chili this afternoon.  I made it with turkey instead of beef.  I told Hubby that I want to try to eat leaner meats.  In a dish like chili I don't think the protein source matters entirely.  It sure smells good.  If I didn't have to go to work I'd make some cornbread muffins to go with it, but I'm going to thaw some buns from the Bun Lady instead.

9.  I'm thinking of going to visit my parents over the Easter break.  I feel like I need to get out of dodge.  I haven't seen Mom and Dad since Christmas.  I have a box of books to give them to read.  The only thing is the timing of the trip because I need to work on the Friday the 5th.  It's strange having to come back to work for one day while the break is still on.  So....I don't know what I'm going to do.

10.  There is no word on the new windows yet.  I'm looking at the bright side.....the installer won't need a ladder because he'll just be able to stand on the snow banks!


  1. You should title this blog Why_te?

  2. I wish for you that snow would take a hint. Can't you request that day off during your break? Seems silly as you say. Happy Bday to Grandpa! Wow, 95 is crazy good!

    1. I can take any day off but the problem is I'd need to make those lessons up somehow because I wouldn't get paid for them yet the families would have paid for them already. The timing is due to the year requiring 40 lessons for each lesson day. There would be lessons on that friday and saturday as well. I'll get something figured out!
      Grandpa is special to us. I wish we had a better chance to tell him.

  3. I'll look up the marigold hotel movie, we're alwayslooking for things to watch.

    1. It was charming. A pleasant surprise.

    2. There was a double post below so I deleted it.

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