Thursday, March 14, 2013


A Cow Pi.  Would that be mince meat?
Today is Pi Day.  A day to think about Pi = 3.14.

I would rather think about PIE.  It's round, golden, crispy, flakey and filled with a mixture of your hearts desire.  Homer would say "Mmmmmmmmm pppppiiiiiiieeeeeee."  My favourite flavours include cherry, pecan, peach, rhubarb, huckleberry, chicken pot, shepherds and pizza. 

Pizza pie.  *giggles*

That's amore.

When I was a little girl, my Mom and I would bake.  I'd watch from my perch on a stool on the other side of the counter while my Mom rolled out pie dough into perfect rounds.  I remember lot's of apple pie in my childhood even though Dad's favourite is banana cream pie.  There was always scraps of pie dough left over.  Mom would moosh them together and roll them into rounds for me.  My pie.  Then we'd spoon jam.....usually strawberry jam.....over the dough.  It would get folded over and pinched and would get baked in the oven as well.  That was great childhood pie.

I don't care for ice cream with my pie.  It melts.  The pie gets soggy.  You can never get all the ice cream out of the dish.  Who wants soggy watery pie?  Not me.  However, if Cool Whip is on hand then pile it on!  I prefer my Cool Whip straight out of container.....not stirred.  Never stirred.  Just straight up.

My preferred method of eating dessert such as pie is with a spoon.  This has become controversial at family gatherings.  Oh, Sandra wants a spoon.  Ugh!  Everyone gets a fork and then I have to pipe up and inquire, "May I please have a spoon."  The nerve!  I think it runs in the family though because my brother likes to eat with plastic forks.  Anyhow, my point is also that if you have no choice how the pie is served and does indeed have ice cream on the the heck to you eat it with a fork?


A spoon is indeed the correct eating utensil.

One time I took my nephew out for a treat.  We went to Tim Hortons.  Nephew was maybe 11 at the time.  Those were the days when Tim Hortons had pies and cakes.  Nephew ordered pie.  He told me about an uncle from the other side of the family who had visited.  The uncle was a great cook and by the sounds of it a pie connoisseur.  Nephew rattled off all sorts of concoctions and flavour combinations that his uncle had made.  He ended the story by saying, "Yup, he makes good pie."

I never noticed if Nephew used a spoon or a fork.


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    1. :D Part of it was from a blog I wrote back on M but I added a whole bunch of new things to it. Making pie with my Mom is a very good memory. The thing with my nephew still makes me giggle.