Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ I Can See Clearly Now.....~

.....my new windows are installed!
My new kitchen window


No more stupid plastic that won't stick.  No more crawling on the kitchen counter to put plastic up over the sink.  No more plastic.....EVAR!

*happy sigh*

1.  Did I mention the new windows and door?

2.  I am now totally up to date in my How I Met Your Mother watching.  I read that they've signed on for one more season.  That means we won't find out who Ted married until next year.  I have a feeling that this "Mother" has been in every scene ever filmed but we just don't know it.  How epic would that be?  It would be so awesome to find out we knew who it was all along.

3.  I had fun visiting my parents last week.  No matter how long I'm there for it always feels too short.  We bought supper out twice and watched the final Twilight movie.  Yup.  That's right.....my parents are Twihards too.

4.  Hhhhhhaaaave I told you we still have snow?  Ugh!  Today on the radio they said it was -15*C.  They said it was a record temp for Saskatchewan.  They said the last time it was that cold on this date Saskatchewan wasn't even a province.  That means.....the last time it was this cold was in the 1880's!

5.  I was doing a little tidying this afternoon and found a receipt from Vanessa's Dumplings.  Vanessa's Dumplings at 220 East 14th Street.....NEW YORK.  It was a receipt from our Food on Foot Tour.  We bought pork dumplings and sat at a table and chatted with a couple from New Zealand.  On that same tour, we experienced hot dogs, zeppole, deep fried oreo's, pork sliders, Boylans soda, and CANNOLI.

6.  In 11 weeks I will be on summer holidays.  It's hard to imagine with all the snow out there.  My toes are begging to be liberated from their socks.  I was going to book a pedicure but what's the point?  No one will see my toes for another month.

7.  It is 12 weeks until Roughrider training camp starts in my city.  //=S=//

8.  While I was at my parents my Hubby dined on hot wings.  Do you know what happens to a man when they've eaten hot wings 4 days in a row?

9.  I had a good day at work yesterday.  Today might be another story.  One student who isn't pulling his weight also neglected to get his festival enrolment in on time.  I never phoned to let them know.  I had my doubts that if he wasn't willing to listen to me and practice properly he wouldn't be ready for the festival anyhow.  I hope it doesn't cause an issue with his parents.  The problem isn't really lack of practice....it's not being mindful of correcting mistakes so he keeps practising everything wrong.  I want to stress that this is one case and the majority of my students are right on track and amaze me all the time.

10.  Bang.  Bang.  A Bangity-bang.  A bangity-bang-bang-bang.  <---- had to get that out of my system!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :D Hubby did all the picking though. It changes how the inside looks. I feel like I'm in a new house!

  2. New windows are awesome! Got 1/2 of mine done last spring. I'd like to get the rest done but Kuching!

    1. No kidding. It was $9,000 for the 9 windows and 1 door. Those are all the windows. We didn`t do the basement windows. They are only at the back of the house anyway and only one of them opens.

  3. Love your windows! What does number 10 refer to? Should I know or is it random? What happened to hubby after 4 days of hot wings? Constipation, diarrhea? Wants more? Love that your kitchen window looks out at a tree♥

    1. That was the Bangity-Bang song from How I Met Your Mother.
      4 days of hot wings = lot's of fluffs and flying axe handles!
      The tree is in my neighbours yard. Unfortunately, the needles fall on the ground and sterilize it so nothing much grows underneath. Underneath is where my Kermie frog sits on a log! We had two other trees like that one in our yard but we had them cut down a few years ago. They were unruly and too big.