Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Crazy Stupid Emotions & Rant ~

For the most part I am a sane ordinary human bean.

Today is not a day which I am channelling that energy.

I'm going to blame the diet hot cocoa.

1.  Stupid emotions.  It's one of those days where I start crying over the commercials on tv.  I have a memory and my eyes start welling up.  Yeah, sure is great to be a woman.  *eyeroll*

2.  I wish people could just get along.  I wish people were people and treated as such without any preferential expectations.

3.  Why is it so important that I know everyone's sexual orientation?  I don't want to know whether you are straight, gay or from Mars.  Seriously.  You are a person.  I don't need to know the rest.  Do you care that I'm a straight married 40 year old who just celebrated her 20th anniversary?  For some reason it's not as socially acceptable at the moment.

4.  I wish people could just say what they want.  I mean be honest.  I don't want a bunch of excuses or made up scenario's.  I want you to say yes or no and we'll both go on with our lives.  It makes me crazy and is a total waste of my time and emotions.

5.  I am most upset with the amount of Christmas cards I received.  The majority of cards I received were from online friends.  Do people just stay in contact other ways or are they too busy to send cards or is it that they just can't be bothered.  My Christmas card holder used to be full and I'd be searching for spots for more cards.....this year.....I had to spread the cards out to make it look fuller.

6.  I love my life with Hubby and Puppy in our city in our own little bungalow....and yes, I even value Renter Person.  This is my city and my beautiful life and I'd never trade it for anything else.  What sucks is when you suddenly need to rely on someone for a favour and they beat around the bush.

7.  Brandy went to the groomer on Saturday.  Her ears are appearing much better with the shorter do.  I also changed treats.  There is still "stuff" in her ears but it's not yeasty looking.  I think I'm on to something with this grain free thing.  She's on her last pail of dog food so this weekend I'll buy something grain free and test out the theory farther.

8.  Hubby and I want to plan another trip to NYC.  It all depends on a dog sitter.  That's what most of this list consists of.....waiting for an answer and beating around the bush with excuses that don't mean anything.

9.  I bought new headphones on the weekend.  They are green with peace signs on them.  My ear buds were making my ears hurt.

10.  The other day it was -30*C overnight and daily highs were -22*C.  Today the high is +3*C.  There is water dripping off the house.  This will mean tonight the roads are going to be BAD.  Don't worry, I am a careful driver.