Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Catching Up ~

I feel like I'm only doing Tuesday blogs and not getting to anything else.  *shrugs*  That's just how it is I guess.  I haven't been particularly thoughtful on other days and have been thinking mostly about work and how I'm feeling lately.  And thinking about how you are feeling all the time is silly because then you start worrying about things that barely exist.  *eyeroll*

I think, it's all about W*I*N*T*E*R.


1.  I've been really meaning to update my football blog.  It desperately needs to be done.  The trouble is every time I sit down to compose something.....a bunch of other football news happens and then whatever I was writing about is old news.  I started a blog Saturday and yesterday there was big news and now I've got to start all over.

2.  Renter Person is out so I'm doing some much needed laundry.  The washer just clicked so I've got to jog down to the basement and put the things in the dryer.  Some of them need to be hung.  If I'm not back soon......send a search party.

.....or a cabana boy works too.

3.  We are in the process of switching Brandy's dog food.  I bought Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free food.  It's turkey and potato and has limited ingredients for dogs with all sorts of issues.  She went berserk when I brought it in the house.  We've mixed her old with the new to assure she doesn't have tummy troubles from the change.  I bought this brand because it seemed like the best value and is available at a few different stores.  I had wanted Blue Buffalo but they didn't have the kind I wanted.  So this was the choice I made.  So far I can't tell if it's helping her ears or not.

4.  January is the month that all my students pick their festival peices and get working on them.  They must choose something a level or two harder than where they actually are.  It will take 2 or 3 months to perfect the songs.  The festival is in May.  This year I've chosen a few students to do duets.  I'm excited about this!

5.  I don't think our New York trip is happening this year.  The timing just seems bad.  We can't find good hotel prices and it seems my parents aren't willing to dog sit.  At the same time, my brother in law mentioned a visit over Easter.  It makes me sad and relieved at the same time.  No cannoli for me.

6.  I've been watching Homeland.  It is a great show!  It's sort of like 24 but updated.  I can see why it wins so many awards.

7.  I've let you all down.  I haven't logged my food since Friday.  I just was feeling so icky and tired and such that I stopped.  I didn't jump off the train....I just let myself be.  I'm still out of sorts but in control.  I still exercised yesterday as I said I would and I've got a fresh batch of apples.....complete with stickers.

8.  The sun is shining today.  It's not as cold as it was Sunday or even yesterday.  I took my portable heater to work yesterday.  For the first time in ages, my classroom was warm.  I even had one student mention how comfortable it was.  I knew I wasn't the only one freezing to death!

9.  I've got a new adult student starting today.  I'm not totally impressed.  They....they.....keep giving me the adult students.  I'm told it's because I'm mature and can handle adults.  I explained that adults almost never continue past the 8 week trial period and that I don't want anymore adults!  Truthfully, I don't want anymore students at all.  I've got another one starting on Friday.  Other teachers need to be given these adults!  How will they ever learn to teach an adult if they never have to deal with one?  Ugh!

10.  I've bought a set of pens called "Note Writer."  It's basically a sharpie style pen.  Not only is it a "Note Writer" but it is the Note Writer 1000.  How does this differ from the Note Writer 999?  I'll never know.  But for the $1 I payed at Dollar Tree, I won't complain.  I am an office supply junkie (hoarder).