Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Preoccupied ~

I am preoccupied.  

I wasn't earlier this morning.  No.  This morning I was full of wittiness.  Now?

*pin drops*

1.  I am preoccupied because of the spots on Brandy's skin.  Brandy is not sick.  The spots aren't itchy.  A coworker phoned her Mom who works at a vets office and she said it might be Sebhorrea.  I'm concerned that it's an allergy or an infection from her warts.  Yeah....my happy, fluffy little puppy has warts.  These are the things no one ever tells you about.  It's great having a dog and I love her with everything I have....but as she's gotten older and the problems have increased....it makes me sad.  All of that is on my mind at once, and yet, I just watched her scratch around on her blanket, lay down and give a deep contented sigh.

2.  My student who did her Grade One Contemporary Conservatory Canada exam did indeed get a mark of 85.2%.  I am a big supporter of Conservatory Canada.  They promote being a musician and support Roland digital piano's.  They have many programs for all instruments and have the contemporary as well as classical piano systems.  They demand more work, but I'm okay with that.  I expect a lot from my students as well.

3.  The CFL football schedule was released today.  I think there's something like 113 days until the first game.  My jersey is in the laundry.  I'll have to make sure it is all ready!  //=S=//

4.  We were lucky and avoided the foot of snow that was supposed to fall on Sunday.  I'm not really bothered by the weather.  What does bother me is the crazy people who don't drive for the conditions.  On the 15 minute drive to work yesterday I encountered 3 people like that.  One decided there were two turning lanes where there wasn't.  He could have caused a bad accident....or as Hubby calls them 'traffic stupid'.

5.  I have abandoned my healthy routine.  I know....I know....  I'm not letting anyone down but myself.  It's not like I'm bingeing, but I've lost the desire for the time being.  I'll get back with it.  I promise.  Sunday I made chili for the first time in forever.  It was soooo good!

6.  On Saturday, I purchased the last and final instalment of the Twilight Saga.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 was on sale at Walmart.  I haven't watched the dvd yet, but about a month ago I watched it online.

7.  Where do hipsters not like to swim?  In the mainstream.  <---- courtesy of Ellen via Twitter.

8.  A local man who was born and raised here has put it before the Human Rights Commission a complaint about the Lord's Prayer being said at a dinner.  The same man has also complained about the use of Merry Christmas on city buses.  He says he's being forced into religion.  The city has already said that our city was founded on Christianity and will not change the slogan.  I don't have a problem with being "all inclusive" but I feel like this man wants a generic world.

9.  I need to get busy and get my house in order.  I have a St. Patty's day towel in the kitchen and Valentine stuff still in the living room!  I'd like to put a mixture of St. Patty's and Easter about the house to cheer it up.  I also need to do some much needed housework.

10.  Books.  You might know that I love a book.  A real book with real pages and ink.  I am currently reading Dragonfly in Amber.  I am loving this series but it is intense reading for me.  So after I'm done it I have a donut shop mystery all set up to read.  I have been reading this cute donut series by Jessica Beck.  It's very light reading.