Thursday, March 14, 2013


A Cow Pi.  Would that be mince meat?
Today is Pi Day.  A day to think about Pi = 3.14.

I would rather think about PIE.  It's round, golden, crispy, flakey and filled with a mixture of your hearts desire.  Homer would say "Mmmmmmmmm pppppiiiiiiieeeeeee."  My favourite flavours include cherry, pecan, peach, rhubarb, huckleberry, chicken pot, shepherds and pizza. 

Pizza pie.  *giggles*

That's amore.

When I was a little girl, my Mom and I would bake.  I'd watch from my perch on a stool on the other side of the counter while my Mom rolled out pie dough into perfect rounds.  I remember lot's of apple pie in my childhood even though Dad's favourite is banana cream pie.  There was always scraps of pie dough left over.  Mom would moosh them together and roll them into rounds for me.  My pie.  Then we'd spoon jam.....usually strawberry jam.....over the dough.  It would get folded over and pinched and would get baked in the oven as well.  That was great childhood pie.

I don't care for ice cream with my pie.  It melts.  The pie gets soggy.  You can never get all the ice cream out of the dish.  Who wants soggy watery pie?  Not me.  However, if Cool Whip is on hand then pile it on!  I prefer my Cool Whip straight out of container.....not stirred.  Never stirred.  Just straight up.

My preferred method of eating dessert such as pie is with a spoon.  This has become controversial at family gatherings.  Oh, Sandra wants a spoon.  Ugh!  Everyone gets a fork and then I have to pipe up and inquire, "May I please have a spoon."  The nerve!  I think it runs in the family though because my brother likes to eat with plastic forks.  Anyhow, my point is also that if you have no choice how the pie is served and does indeed have ice cream on the the heck to you eat it with a fork?


A spoon is indeed the correct eating utensil.

One time I took my nephew out for a treat.  We went to Tim Hortons.  Nephew was maybe 11 at the time.  Those were the days when Tim Hortons had pies and cakes.  Nephew ordered pie.  He told me about an uncle from the other side of the family who had visited.  The uncle was a great cook and by the sounds of it a pie connoisseur.  Nephew rattled off all sorts of concoctions and flavour combinations that his uncle had made.  He ended the story by saying, "Yup, he makes good pie."

I never noticed if Nephew used a spoon or a fork.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Stuffety Stuff Stuff ~

The theme of this blog is *drumroll*  STUFF.

There's stuff going on.  Stuff I need to do.  Stuff I need to think about. 


It's a nice little all encompassing word isn't it?

And when you're tired of the 'stuff' you can say Stuff It!

*laughs*  I crack myself up.

1.  This is the winter that refuses to give up.  The white stuff is all over.  My neighbour had to clean off his drive way and sidewalk so he had a place for the snow that was being removed from his roof.  Now we are hearing that most areas will encounter flooding from all the snow.  I don't know when that's going to happen because we are supposed to get more SN*W at the end of the week.

2.  I am tired with all the Brandy stuff.  She is now on Forekor to control kidney function but it's also a blood pressure medicine.  She is supposed to be on ketocozonole as an anti-fungal to control the ear issues.  She is on Cephelaxin for the treatment of the seborrhea dermatitis.  Also I get to use a special shampoo and use an ear drop called CanAural occasionally for the ears and skin stuff too.  Yes, it's hard to keep it all straight.  When she started on the cephelaxin I stopped the ketocozonole because I thought it was too much.  I've also noticed her breathing changes after I give her the cephelaxin even though she's been treated with it before.  I think I need to cut back.  Oh and we've switched her food to Royal Canin MediCal Hypoallergenic.

3.  Work stuff.  I am busy readying everyone with festival pieces.  I don't have anyone else doing exams this year so that is a relief.  For some reason this time of year is always a challenge to motivate.  I have a colour worksheet this week with shamrocks to fill in for time practiced.  What I am trying to instill in my students is that whether it is challenging or not you have to work at it....and even more so if you find it challenging.  Giving up is not an option.  I am so surprised and dismayed with the young ones who give up when they can't do something.  Who has taught them that?  When was "you don't have to do it" an option?

4.  My health stuff got to me.  I took some time off and fell off the health wagon.  My goal this week is to get on track.  Get back to exercise 3 times a week.  The eating is somewhat easy as long as I keep the sweets out of the house.  I know that if I treat myself well and do healthy things that I will feel better and be able to cope better with all the other stuff in my life.

5.  Cleaning stuff.  I fell far behind in housework and chores of all kinds.  I am trying to get back on top of things.  It is so hard!  I have stuff that I do every day but some days I have more time than others.  I find that the two days I have to be at work earlier I get very little to nothing done.  With the brighter days and longer days I feel farther behind the more I try to do.

6.  This time last year we were researching stuff for our NYC trip.  Do you remember my anticipation?  Wow.  It seams almost like a dream now.  I see the pictures of us so I know we were there.  I remember the streets and noise and taste of the food and yet it's hard to believe I was ever there.  Cannoli!!!

7.  Our windows and door should arrive by the end of next week.  The contractor said it will only take about 2 days to install all the stuff.  9 windows and 1 door.  Our new door handle should arrive via UPS tomorrow.  I know I seem overly excited about the windows but for 10 years [the whole time we've lived here] we've stuck plastic on the windows for added insulation.  It is a disgusting job.  I think I will do a No-More-Plastic-On-Da-Windows dance when it's complete.

8.  I watched Django the other night.  I loved the movie!  The ending was fantabulous!  I don't get out to movies as much as I'd like so I watched this online on one of those movie sites.  *holds out hands to be handcuffed*  I thought the stuff about slavery was enlightening and I admired the truth of it all.  I thought the acting by the Titanic dude....can't remember his name....why can't I remember his name?  Ugh!  Anyhoo....his acting was really good.

9.  I've heard from the fashionista's that the stuff that's in for spring includes the colour emerald green.  Well, emerald green is suspiciously close to what I'd consider Rider Green.  I think my wardrobe is set.  There are less than 110 days until the first game of the season too.  There are even less days until I can venture to the University and spend the morning at training camp.  Yup.  I can see why green is in for 2013.

10.  Did you notice that on every point of this blog I used the word stuff?  I'm in a quirky mood.  I get a kick outta that stuff.  *wink*