Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brandy ~ jacked

The Dad calls me Ayne Joe [Angel].
Mom got out of bed really early today.  I thought she was crazy.  Even though, she hugged and kissed and patted my head I stayed in bed where it was nice and warm.  Then curiosity got the better of me when I saw her getting ready for the day.

This only means two things.  I'm going to the spa or I'm going to the doctor.

I laid in the hallway shaking with anxiety over the possibilities!  

Mom was just about to leave when the guy who lives in the basement came and gave Mom a piece of paper.  They talked and laughed.

Then Mom got my leash off the shelf of the closet and I couldn't contain myself anymore.  I jumped and leaped all over the place while Mom struggled to get it tied on me.  I couldn't help myself.  *wags tail*

Then when we started off in the car I got all confused.  Mom wasn't driving towards the spa or the doctor.  Where was she taking me?  We drove down a road with lot's of tall buildings and people walking.  Then we went over a bridge and past a building Mom said was the University.  It seemed like maybe we were going on a trip....but I didn't remember any suitcases or food being packed.

To my surprise we did go to the doctor!!!!  And waiting inside was another dog just like me!  Well almost.  It was black and white and had a weird haircut.  The Assistant said their groomer was training for a competition and used their dog for practice.  I thought it looked like it would get very matted and with those long shaggy ears how would you eat or drink water without dragging them through everything?  I'm glad Mom doesn't do that to me.

I was soooo embarrassed!  With all the excitement I did something I never NEVER do.  

I made a squishy on the floor.

We sure had to wait a long time.  *pants*  Another dog came in and sat with us.  She was nice.  She was a big dog and had lot's of spunk.

It's a lot more fun when the waiting room has dogs instead of cats.

Finally Dr. Powell called us in.  He just back from vacation.  I said "RUFF!"  Which of course means....never go away again because all hell broke loose!  The Mom and Dr. Powell talked about all sorts of things and he looked in my ears and at my butt and at the skin on my back.  I didn't understand all of it but what I think Dr. Powell said was that all the pills The Mom sneaks to me in NutraGrain bars are good for me and doing things to make me healthy.

I wished the pills came in bacon flavour.

When we were done The Mom made me sit in the car by myself.  When she came out she had a bag of stuff in orange bottles and bag of something that smelled really yummy and had carrots on it.  I tried licking it but it only tasted like paper.

Before I new it, we were back home!

I ran in the house and drank some water.  Then The Mom got the bag with the carrots on it and opened it and gave me one.  COOKIES!!!!  COOKIES!!!!  

I may have drooled a little.

Afternoon nap time.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ No Words ~

No words.

Those were my only words when I walked into work yesterday and it was snowing AGAIN.

There are no words left in my vocabulary to describe the amount of disgust associated with the length and amount of snowfall.

1.  Remember a few years ago I measured the temperature by the colour of jacket I had to wear?  Purple, grey or black?  Well I've come up with a new way.  It's the amount of Kermie visible to the nekkid eye.  Poor Kermie.

2.  There are exactly 100 days until the start of the CFL season!!!!  //=S=//

3.  I watched two movies on the weekend.  This is 40 and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  This is 40 was not the comedy it was touted to be.  It was an okay movie.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a great movie!  I was pleasantly surprised how charming it was.  It's on Netflix so watch it if you can.  Oh and the portrayal of the hotel manager was suspiciously similar to Renter Person.

4.  Brandy has been doing well.  We've adjusted to the new meds.  The spots from seborrhea dermatitis are going away.  The two on her back are still large but the colour is fading.  I noticed she has a bit more dandruff today even though we just bathed her Sunday night.  It's too hard to do it twice a week.  We go Thursday morning for a check up with our regular vet.

5.  This week is the celebration of Hubby's Grandpa's 95th birthday.  We sent him a card.  There was a gathering for him but for some reason we were not told about it.  Grandpa is a great man.

Hubby and Grandpa J

6.  Hummas.  Hummas is the most fantastic thing ever.  We bought some from Costco with some interesting sesame crackers.  Together they are addictive.

7.  I've been thinking a lot about last years trip to New York.  I guess it's because we've been comparing the weather so much.  I remember the cherry blossoms and the chocolate displays.  It was Easter after all and I've been craving chocolate like crazy.  And spring.  I'm craving chocolate and spring.

8.  I made chili this afternoon.  I made it with turkey instead of beef.  I told Hubby that I want to try to eat leaner meats.  In a dish like chili I don't think the protein source matters entirely.  It sure smells good.  If I didn't have to go to work I'd make some cornbread muffins to go with it, but I'm going to thaw some buns from the Bun Lady instead.

9.  I'm thinking of going to visit my parents over the Easter break.  I feel like I need to get out of dodge.  I haven't seen Mom and Dad since Christmas.  I have a box of books to give them to read.  The only thing is the timing of the trip because I need to work on the Friday the 5th.  It's strange having to come back to work for one day while the break is still on.  So....I don't know what I'm going to do.

10.  There is no word on the new windows yet.  I'm looking at the bright side.....the installer won't need a ladder because he'll just be able to stand on the snow banks!