Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10....er, 11 Thought Tuesday

I've settled down here with a nice cup of coffee.  For some reason the coffee maker wasn't set up properly.  Poor Hubby missed out on coffee.  I was feeling like it was nap time instead of noon so I went ahead and brewed a pot.

I'm sure my brain will be functioning again soon.

1.  "Haaaaave you met Ted?"  I've been watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother every night on Netflix.  Last night I caught a real live up to date episode on TV.  I wish I hadn't.  It was a futuristic time travel episode and it was WEIRD!  I think it would be really fun if they did a Buffy spoof.  But that could just be me.

2.  I finished reading Dragonfly in Amber last week.  I have two other books to read before I can order Voyager.  I am really surprised at how this book and characters get in my head.  I feel like I'm wasting time by not ordering the next book now!  But there's no point with the break next week.

3.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to visit my parents Easter Monday.  It will only be 4 days because I have to work on Friday.  I'm torn because I really want a break and go away and yet part of me would really like to spend time at home.  The rational Me thinks that it won't be long until summer vacation so I can deal with it.

4.  I bought Crystal Light liquid drops on the weekend.  It's like Mio only Crystal Light.  I bought mango passion-fruit.  It's pretty good!  I like the new flavour.  I was very diligent and used up the excess Crystal Light powder I had in the pantry.  As a result of all the CL drinking I haven't had soda/pop in a long time.  YAY me!

5.  Just as I was finishing that last sentence the phone rang.  Our windows are in!!!!  *runs around excited*  They want to come start installing them on Tuesday.  I think that might be okay and won't throw a kink into my vacay plan.

6.  Brandy had a strange episode last Friday that really scared me.  By that night her breathing had sorted itself out.  I think she choked herself and it really scared her as well as me.  She's been fine ever since.  I took her off all meds for 2 days just to clear out her system.  She's back on everything now and seems perfectly happy.

7.  I really miss New York.  On Saturday, I got all dressed up and wore my Yankee hat out.  Hubby was still playing Red Alert on the computer and I walked in and said, "are you ready to walk to the subway?"  He thought I was silly.  But wow.....I miss it.  

8.  I need to write a football blog.  There's been lot's happening and I need to catch up.  It's about 93 days until kick off.  I think I can make it!  //=S=//

9.  I sure make a good cup of coffee.  I used to think being a barista would be fun.  But now, naw, I think it would hard.  I don't think I'd be good at it.  I think I'd end up getting fired.  I'm not fast enough and I know I'd forget the orders.  I can't even remember whether my Dad takes milk in his coffee or not and I've known him my whole life!

10.  I've looked into a rubber boot company called BOGS.  They are expensive but I think I'm going to need them this "spring".  I don't have any water proof shoes.  The type that I've seen people wearing are about $130.  Ack!  But they are super cool looking.  Yup.  I think I need me a pair!

Bonus Thought 11.  Guess what?!  Remember back in February I had about two weeks of really bad depression?  Well, now I know I wasn't taking my thyroid med.  Yesterday I was counting my medication to see when I needed a refill and dropped one.  When I got down on the floor I found it and two other pills under the bed!  OMG!  I must have thought I was taking my meds but been dropping them on the floor!  *smacks head*  Don't worry.  I've fixed the process.  But OMG!