Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~Rings & Cookies & Friends ~

The ring MIL would have tried on.
Today we all have heavy hearts after seeing and hearing what occurred at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  My heart and prayers go out to all the people and families who were affected by this awful act of terrorism.  Even though, it is in my thoughts, our lives continue on.

1.  Dr. Powell phoned this morning with the result of Brandy's updated kidney tests.  There is still a very small amount of protein in her urine but that is to be expected with her age.  Everything else looks really good.  He mentioned a follow up next month and of course he inquired to how Brandy is....to which I replied "as spunky as ever."

2.  The blinds that we ordered for the front windows of our house arrived via FedEx this morning.  I don't think we'll be able to install them until this weekend.  I am excited to have blinds again because it's a pain at night time to not have a light on because of being so visible.

3.  I am trying to get my butt in gear.  I'm trying to be active.  I'm trying to be healthy.  Sometimes my eating choices are not the best and the exercise needs to make up for it.  This week I am riding 4 miles on my stationary bike.  I do laps around the living room.

4.  I was very upset yesterday with a young coworker who was determined to make me believe as he does that the attacks on September 11th were an "inside" job.  He said he's seen video proof of the building exploding from the bottom and said there was no way a plane could make that happen.  He called me narrow minded for not wanting to listen to him and his theories as to how the US government did that to their own people.  I guess the hardest part as I also informed him, is that I've been to that memorial and once you see it for yourself and see all the names on carved into the monument there is little doubt as to what really happened.

5.  This Saturday, I am going into work for a short time for a duet practice.  I have 4 students who I've paired up to do duets.  These two girls used to live on the same street.  They are 14 and performing Take 5.  I am excited because this is the first time I've entered students in this category.  Everyone usually just does solo's.  I also have a student....one of those 4....who is doing a solo, the duet...and has joined rock band as a singer!  That's what I love most about music.  These people are discovering the joy of spreading music.

6.  Glitter nail polish is so pretty but it is so difficult to remove!  I know a trick for removing it....use tin foil over remover soaked cotton balls.  I don't have the time for that.  Instead, I've resorted to picking it off.

7.  My In Laws went to a dinner in their town where the speaker was a Roughrider!!  Mother In Law didn't really know who he was as she doesn't care about football....and I think she hates it.  Anyhow, it was Neal Hughes and he let her try on his 2007 Grey Cup ring.  She was impressed.  I've seen the rings before and they are huge and sparkly and amazing.  It's the reason we want one again.  Riders in 2013!!!

8.  I had a student give her two week notice last night.  I'm okay with it.  She's a great girl who has dreams of being a champion rower.  I told her she had to go for it!  She's 15 and has very high grades in high school.  Her father is a trainer.  She said she had to give something up because it was just too much for her to handle.  She was afraid to tell me.  It took her a lot of courage and I appreciated it.  I told her that I had no doubt she could win her upcoming competition and who knows where it could take her?  The Olympics maybe!  Piano lessons can always be picked up but you only get one chance to be an Olympian.

9.  Oprah was in town on Sunday.  The city went berserk.  I used to love her show.  I used to make a point of watching it every day.  My friends and I would watch it way back in high school before she was even very famous.  Then when she started telling people how they should try to live their lives....I lost interest.  I feel I do live my best life at this point in my life.  I do make a matter every day.  I don't need to pay $100+ for her to tell me that.

10.  As I tell my students, sometimes I am so busy doing my job that I forget to stop and praise people.  The same goes for my friends.  I forget to tell everyone how much I appreciate them.  I want you guys to know that you are a big part of my day....you make the sun shine on dull days.  You are the chocolate chips in my cookie of life.