Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Tweets from the Juno's ~

The Juno awards are Canada's answer to the Grammy's.  It's actually a whole weekend.  They only give out a handful of awards on the broadcast.  Instead, they choose to celebrate music by having several musical performances.

The following "thoughts" are things I posted during the show.

1.  Live with Kelly!
OMG it's ...  (Gerard Butler)

* faints *

Dr phill

This is an epic opening. 

2.  I've never heard of any of these new groups.   (And seriously, how can they be upcoming if no one has heard of them?)

3.  I just ate a bowl of chili and am drinking Hawaiian punch. (Because that's how we roll in the 306....er, and 639.)

4.  This had Lets Go to the Mall written all over it.

5.  Mariana's Trench performing.

OMG just how old are the screamers in the front row. Yikes. 

6.  What the heck. Now he thinks he's superman.

They played grey cup last year and failed at lip syncing.   (Now I realize that most of the winners played at the 100 Grey Cup.  Weird!)

7.  Here's the thing with Canadians ... We lack filters. Things come out of our mouths that we think is funny but after we realize DANG.  (And this is true.  I don't know how many times something has slipped out of my mouth thinking it was funny....or not thinking maybe....only to realize....WHOOPS.)
8.  Hubby wants I know if she's a singer or preacher lol  (KD Lang was given the Hall of Fame award which was awesome.  When they set up for the awards it is set "in the round" so the stage is completely surrounded.  When she gave her speach she wandered around the whole thing talking.  It was strange.  It even looked like Anne Murrey who presented wondered....what the heck?)
9.  Buble in Getzlaf 89 chatting up the Sheepdogs.  RIDERS IN 2013!!!! //=S=//
10.  Metric

Or in the US they're called ....

Imperial  (which is really funny because I think there was a group called The Imperials at one time.)
There were many more epic things I said but this is only 10 thoughts after all....not 51 thoughts.  Which is the amount of comments I posted on Sunday.
Happy Tuesday!!