Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Sand Bucket List ~

The idea behind the bucket list [which I personally feel is overused, but here I am using it] is to make a list of things to do or accomplish before you kick the bucket.  Well, I don't plan on kicking the bucket soon, but I do feel summer days are numbered.  I have 6 more Tuesdays until I am on summer holidays.  I don't want to miss out on anything and since when we go to the beach in the summer we use sand pails, I decided this list would be dedicated to things I want to make sure I do this summer.  I present to you....my Sand Bucket List.

1.  In the downtown across the street from the historic and possibly haunted Bessborough Hotel is a red double decker bus called Bus Stop Refreshments.  I have never gone there.  The reviews are mixed.  It's been there forever so I don't think we have anything to worry about.  It might be fun to have lunch and eat it in the park or have an authentic froyo.  I want to make sure I hit this place up! The Wheels on the Bus Go....Hot Diggety Dog!

2.  Last year I vowed I'd go on a river boat cruise.  How did that work out?  We didn't do it.  It only costs $40 and is a beautiful cruise down the South Saskatchewan.  I've been on cruises in Seattle and NYC....why haven't I done it in my own city?  Shearwater Riverboat Cruises.   A One Hour Tour

3.  Of course I will spend time reading books.  I think that's a given.  I want to spend some time at McNally Robinson book store.  I always forget what pretty gifts they have there.  Inside the bookstore is an eatery called Prairie Ink.  I want to browse books and enjoy some time in the restaurant. There is no blog for this one.  I didn't do it.  Well, I sort of did it.  I went to Indigo books because I had a gift card.

4.  This weekend we are going to get out and scratch in the dirt.  My flower/shrub bed looks a disaster.  Lot's of plants are already poking through.  It's tough on me to get out and work in it during the day due to my sun allergy, but I plan on spending many an evening tending to it.  The best part is then enjoying time on the patio swinging in out deck glider, hopefully not swatting mosquito's, but gazing at sunsets.  My Natural Habitat

5.  Football!  OMG FOOTBALL!  Even before the football season starts.....there will be training camp and if you've followed the news or not....Roughrider training camp is taking place in my very own city.  I hope to be able to attend at least once.  That starts June 2nd.  At the end of that week they hold their annual Green & White Day which I've attended for many years now.  Check out Riderville North for what I might be up to!  Check out this blog to read all about it!  What I Learned At Training Camp

6.  Hubby's brodder is going to be coming this way....to the In Law's for a visit.  I'm sure we will travel to Norquay to see him, our sister in law and our great nephew!  Check this blog out for details of our trip!  Weekend with Family.

7.  August 14th is the day Hubby and I will go to Regina to the Paul McCartney concert at Mosaic Stadium.  That is going to be so thrilling.  While we are there.....I've found the Italian Star Deli which has cannoli!!!!  My quest for cannoli is never ending.  I hope to stop in and bring some home. My Paul McCartney Out There experience.

8.  Did you know Saskatoon has a Broadway?  It's true.  I want to spend some time wandering up and down the street.  I also want to stop in at the Broadway Cafe.  It's done up in 50's 60's decor and although reviews call it trashy....it looks pretty cool from the outside.  I think it might be a fun stop after an afternoon of browsing the interesting shops on the street.  As time went on I wanted to do this less and less.  I've shopped on Broadway before but there were two armed robberies on this street this summer.  I didn't feel safe doing this alone and it just didn't seem as important anymore.

9.  Taste of Saskatchewan.  This happens downtown near the Bessborough Hotel as well.  It's where restaurants open food booths and you get to try different cuisine from all over the province.  The last time we went it was what felt like the hottest day of the year.  We found a tiny square of shade under a tree.  There's entertainment in a band shelter.  We haven't gone for a few years and I think this year is the time to go. Our new Taste of Saskatchewan visit with amazing flambe dessert!

10.  Picnic!  I want to pack up the wiener sticks, the cooler and head out somewhere for a good old fashioned picnic.  It feels good to get out of the city, build a fire and cook over it and come home smelling all woodsy.  If we don't get to go camping this summer.....a picnic will fit the bill.  Wieners weren't involved but I think it still counts!  Day Trip & Picnic to Gardiner Dam

I don't know if I'll get to do all of these things or just some of these things.  I know I will probably get to do things that are outside this list as well.  I just don't want to waste a minute after enduring the longest winter ever.  What's on your Sand Bucket List?