Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Natural Habitat

Every morning, when I let Brandy out to do her bizness, I'd wander out in my pj's and gaze at the garden.  Every morning I'd be greeted with a new surprise.  Maybe it was the white bleeding heart blooming, a new lily springing to life or just watching the garden fill in with colour.

The part I don't enjoy very much is the weeding.  I hate weeding.  Now that the garden is almost filled with plants the weeding isn't so much work.  I no longer have to crawl around on my hands and knees.  I can do it in an evening when the heat from the day is gone.

I love my little Kermie frog looking over my garden.  He is perched on a log.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to get him a new log as it's now crumbling.  I love my twinkle lights, but they have malfunctioned and haven't twinkled for a while now.  I will have to replace them next weekend.

I've really enjoyed taking Hubby's new fancy camera out and snapping close ups of the flowers.  Renter Person wondered what I was doing one day.  I told him, "I'm taking pictures so I can look at the flowers in February."  Renter Person thought I was funny.  Perhaps, but, at that time of year we yearn for those mornings gazing at the garden.

I had hopes of sitting in the back yard enjoying the views, but the skeeters were out in full force during the summer.  Now that the mosquito's are gone the wasps have appeared.  Still, I found one evening to sit on the bench swing and read my book.  I read half of the book outside until it got too dark to read anymore.

The leaves have started to dry and curl.  The plants aren't blooming anymore.  It's only a matter of time before we need to clean the garden off to get ready for next year.  There is a love/hate with the turning foliage.  I've enjoyed what you've given me but sad to see it go.