Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ The Day Before the Night Before Halloween ~

Yup.  It's the day before the night before Halloween.  So what does that make today?  Absolutely nothing
but a regular Tuesday.

1.  Last night I made pumpkin whoopie pies to give to my students who are amazing enough to still come to lessons on Halloween.  Actually, I just made the pie part.  Today I'll make the whoopie.  Wait.....that doesn't sound right some how....

2.  I went to the mall on Sunday to Halloween Alley.  I bought an amazing witches hat that is a glittery purple with black spiders and webbing on it.  I got a black spider web cape, purple and black striped socks and little buckle things to put on my shoes.  I already have a black dress.  Oh yes and I got these spectacular glasses with a witches nose attached.  I plan on being a new age witch.

3.  I realized that I do not have a witches broom for my costume.  All I own is a swiffer sweeper.  Can a witch carry a swiffer?  It's either that or the vacuum and man, carrying around a hoover all day would really suck.

4.  I am happy that many schools are returning to the Halloween tradition.  I can't remember anything more exciting at school than the costume parade and then the pizza parties to follow.

5.  When I was about 8 my mom made a fantastic clown costume.  It was blue and white.  She made a great hat that stood up.  The costume was big enough to fit over my coat.  #CanadianHalloweenProblems  There's a picture of me somewhere that Dad took where I'm standing outside wearing the costume.

6.  When I was 15, a group of friends and myself borrowed my brothers hockey jerseys and masqueraded as a hockey team.  We went to a few places to get candy until people got mad at us.  It was funny then, but now I understand that we really were too old.  It was fun though.

7.  As an adult, there was a year that I made the costume for Betty Rubble.  It was a great costume, but there was one problem.  It snowed.  I was so cold!

8.  The last two years I've dressed in all my Roughrider garb.  It's not much of a stretch for me.  Is it game day or halloween?  We don't know.

9.  Brandy~puppy the Super Dog has dressed up as an angel and a clown in previous years.  The angel didn't work very well as she kept trying to knock her halo off her head.