Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Winter ~

It snowed Sunday night and into Monday.  It was the sticking kind.  I actually said, "Goodbye grass, I'll see
you in April."

I may have lost my marbles.

For some reason I feel excited about the change in weather.  Maybe it was because this year we were totally prepared for it.

Bring it on, Mr. Winter, I'm not afraid of you!

1.  For the first time in 11 years, we don't have to put plastic on the windows.  Yay!  Our new windows mean better insulation against the cold.  The worst part was always kneeling on the kitchen counter with the edge of the sink digging into my legs to install the plastic.  It is also the same reason that the kitchen window blind still remains uninstalled.

2.  The Christmas lights are up.  They are pretty much hooked up and come December 1st we just need to flip the light switch to light everything up.  Love it!  No it's not too early.  My neighbour, Nice Neighbour, has his Christmas tree up in his living room already.  This is actually late for him.

3.  Two Sunday's ago we had the winter tires put on the car.  Am I ever glad that got done even though I wasn't impressed with waiting in line in the cold on a Sunday morning at Costco.  I still have to drive cautiously but the tires sure help on the icy slippery roads.....because our snow removal sucks.

4.  I am so tired of hearing about the corrupt Senate.  I am also tired of hearing about the crack smoking Toronto mayor.  So tired of it.  I'm sure there is other news happening in the world, but I wouldn't know what it is because no one seems to cover it.

5.  I have been blessed with some really great piano students this year.  Some were returning while others were beginners.  It makes me excited for the future.  One of my students keeps asking about getting her Grade 8 piano.  I think she's going to be a future teacher.  She's working on Grade 5 now.

6.  This Sunday is the CFL Western Semi-Final.  The Riders finished in second place in the west so we are playing the BC Lions in this game.  The Riders have home field advantage.  //=S=//

7.  I have decided to drastically cut back on Christmas cards this year.  I am so tired of mailing out a ton of cards and barely getting any in return.  I've always written a letter too, but not this year.  I'm tired of it.  The people who matter already know all our news.

8.  We finally took the door off the china cabinet to get the glass replaced.  About 10 years ago, Hubby tripped and grabbed onto the lamp and fell over into the china cabinet and broke the glass on the door.  DOH!  We took it to Speedy Glass.....and it's taking a week to be fixed.  Not very speedy if you ask me.

9.  I got new fleece sheets.  OMG they are amazing!  It's like being wrapped in a fuzzy blankie all night long.  Love it.

10.  I've purchased some new pictures for the dining room.  They are yellow warblers.  I'm adding some yellow to my blueish house.  How surprised are you that my house isn't green?