Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 Thought Tuesday ~ 167 Days ~


One.  Six.  Seven.

One hundred and sixty-seven.....days until the regular season of the CFL begins again.

Off season blues.  How do you beat them?  Here is a list of things to try to to pass the time away.

Is it July yet?

1.  Rewatch the 101st Grey Cup.  I've done this twice since the big day when my Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the Hamilton Tiger Cats Lancaster-McCoullaugh.....that's 23-45.  How epic was that day?  Winning on home turf in the legendary Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field in front of nearly 45,000 rabid Rider fans.  It's the story fairy tales are created from.

2.  Become infatuated with the Roughrider Grey Cup tour and follow it around Saskatchewan on it's many stops.  If you are lucky you may actually get to meet some players and poise with the Grey Cup itself.  That is if you are willing to stand in line for what may be hours at an event you'd really rather not go to.  But it's the price we pay for being the best fans in the CFL.

3.  Read a really thick book.  I've started a 1000+ page book in hopes that by the time I'm finished I will have wasted at least 2 weeks.  If this isn't possible a more appropriate read might be the George Reed book or something wittily written by the Leader Posts Rob Vanstone.

4.  When the talk on Sportscage turns to hockey and curling.....pull up all the football movies on Netflix.  Watch We Are Marshall or The Longest Yard or dig up a really obscure movie.

5.  Make an attempt to watch NFL football.  I've tried.  I really  have.  The 12th Man disturbs me.  The extra down confuses me.  Never mind the terminology!  False start, Safe Catch....what the heck?!

6.  Investigate Twitter for the latest greatest news on all the football transactions.  Wait!  What?  Keith Shologan is a REDBLACK?  UGH!  No not Zack Evans too!  *stomps away*

7.  Do laundry.  Now I have to be really desperate to engage in housework or laundry!  Wash all your Roughrider gear.  The jerseys, the tee shirts, the tank tops....get is all ready for Canada Day kick off.

8.  Organize all your picture files on your computer.  Make one folder titled Roughriders and put the majority of your pictures there.  Reminisce about training camp and visits to practices.  Share your pictures on Twitter while you are at it!

9.  Take #selfies in all your newly washed Roughrider outfits.  Coin a new term for doing so.  Roughsie?  Ridesie?  Sasksie?  I'll leave that one up to yousie.

10.  Write a blog.  Because OHMYGAWD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR 167 MORE DAYS!!!!

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