Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Back to Work ~

I've neglected my blog.  *hangs head*  So today when I got the writing itch and am feeling a little down over having to head back to work after my two months of summer vacation, well, what better way to get back in the groove?! 

1.  Hubby says "It's time to go make some  money."  He's right.  I am priviliged to get this time off.  We are blessed to have a lifestyle which allows me to take the time off.  It's something I look forward to and time I cherish.

2.  I went to two football games. I came home with bruises both times.  The first game I smacked my thigh on the metal thing on the back of the bleachers.  I got a big honkin' bruise which took weeks to go away...about that time we went to another football game where I repeated the action.  Most people get bruised from playing the game and not merely watching it.

3.  I went to a three day "classic" rock concert....but only took in 2 days.  The even was called Rock the River and took place at the Bessborough Hotel overlooking the South Saskatchewan River.  I saw Doug & the Slugs, Harlequinn, Honeymoon Suite, Lee Aaron, Sweet & Dr. Hook.  It was fun.  We didn't do the third day because of rain.  My only issue really was the venue.  There were tons of abandoned lawn chairs leaving no place for people to set up their own.

4.  We went to a family reunion at my In Laws.  It was the first time in probably 10 years that everyone was together.  We had a pig roast and tons of visiting time. 

5.  I spent a week with my parents.  My Dad had cataract surgery and I went to help out.  He recovered famously and appreciated my help.  Mom and I did a little shopping and we did a little eating out.  It was great.

6.  I found a routine.  During the regular school year and with my altered evening hours I don't get to do much in the way of "wife".  I loved the routine of suppertime being at a normal time.  I enjoyed our evening treat of  yogurt and berries.  My favorite part of the day was between 4:30 and 5 when I was waiting for Hubby to come home from work.  It all felt so good and normal.

7.  I got my health back.  In early August, something "clicked" and I drastically changed my eating habits.  Two weeks later I began feeling really really good...better than I've felt in years.  My doctor was pleased with my changes.  I've kept on.  I bought a scale and I've lost 16 pounds!  I'm so shocked and happy!  The hypothyroid girl *can* lose weight!

8.  I've been watching Criminal Minds.  I watch a couple episodes every evening.  I'm on season 6 currently.  I don't know what happens to summer tv.  It's either reruns or reality shows.  Thank goodness for the interwebs.

9.  I bought new cleaning impliments.  That might not mean much to some and trust me, I hate housework as much as the next guy.  BUT what I had just wasn't working and who is ever going to clean anything when you hate your mop?  Now I can scoot around cleaning and it isn't an all day chore.

10.  I just feel content and rested.  People are going to ask me what I did on vacation and yes, I've got a few things to tell them, but really this is the most important thing to me because I feel sane again!  I know that I can take on anything.  Even though I feel like I'm going into fall kicking and screaming I really do feel that I'm in a very good place and I can successfully wear that teacher hat once again.

Hope your summer was fantabulous and that your back to school day was amazing!


  1. :) my first day with the kiddies is tomorrow! I'll not sleep tonight.

  2. #7.... I want to click soon.. damnit.