Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Calling in Winter ~

Can a person call in winter to work?  I mean, we can call in sick and call in for a mental health day....I'd like to call in winter.  I'd like to curl up in my bed with my book and come back out in time to pack for New York.




1.  According to my radio station, CKOM, my city is on track to having the coldest February in 20 years.  I was doing fine.  I was taking my vitamin D and staying positive and not worrying about it...but now....?  Ick.  Get me outta here.

2.  The silver lining is that the bathroom reno is well under way.  It is going to be amazing.  We are leaving 1974 in the dust.  Right now there are tons of items strewn throughout the house.  We have toilets in the living room along with sinks and countertops and other miscilanious finishing items.  We even have our shower curtain...sort of...it's a "we will use this one until we find the right one" type of shower curtain.  It's all very thrilling.

3.  Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary of my dear doggies passing.  I miss her every day.  Yesterday I dropped a carrot on the floor while making stew and scrambled to pick it up before I realized no one was going to beat me to it.  She was indeed a well loved dog.

4.  I have successfully [and once again] removed coffee creamer from my life.  I've gone back to using a bit of real sugar in my coffee.  I no longer drink pop/soda and diet sugar subsitute.  My next goal is to remove soy from my life.  Soy is very detrimental to thyroid health.  It is in everything.  Soy interferes with my thyroid medication.  I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure out I needed to do this.  I was very pleased to find out that my favorite salad dressing does not contain soy and neither does Tim Horton's hot cocoa!

5.  I have a huge number of students preparing for piano exams for June.  They have until March 13 to sign up and none have done so thus far.  I am able to check on the website by logging into my teacher portal.  I bet they don't know that I can spy on them!  I will have 1 Gr 2, 3 Gr 3, 3 Gr 4, & 1 Gr 5.  I was supposed to have more doing Gr 5 but they aren't prepared.  The stressful part is that all of these students are also doing the music festival.  It's so much work and worry!

6.  I love the Keurig we got for Christmas.  I found a hot cocoa at Bulk Barn which tastes good.  Tetley British Blend decaf tea is amazing.  I've been drinking that every night.  I also really enjoy Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast Blend in the morning.  I also use the keurig to heat water for regular tea and hot cocoa.  It's much more verstitle than I'd ever give it credit for.

7.  Is it football season yet?  How desperate am I?  I actually watched Hubby's Nascar race with him.  I am skeered for I actually know most of the drivers by name now.  I still maintain that it's really only the last 10 laps that are most important, but I have to say, the crashes really make it fun.  Don't get me wrong, I would in no way want anyone to ever get hurt....but it's sort of the same thing with figure skating....you kind of want them to fall.

8.  Speaking of the Olympics..... How about those Canadian hockey players, eh?  Both the men and the women taking Gold!  Imagine, the Canadian anthem was the only anthem to be played in that arena.  Hockey isn't the only sport to celebrate....both our men and women won gold in curling too.  So much to celebrate.  Here's some trivia for you.....Ryan Getzlaf won a gold for Team Canada while his brother Chris Getzlaf won the Grey Cup with the Riders.  What an incredible family.  The #hashtag for the Olympics was #wearewinter.  I directly blame them for this cold weather.  I'm going to start the #wewantspring trend.

9.  I made stew yesterday in my slow cooker.  It's been AGES since I'd made stew from scratch.  It was lacking something, but all in all it warmed my tummy.  I'm nearly 500 pages into Drums of Autumn which is 1070 pages long.  They often talk about stew.  It all seemed right.

10.  It is 8 weeks until our return voyage to New York City.  I'm going to fill my suitcase with cannoli.  Okay maybe not.  But it is going to be so amazing.  I am so glad there is something to look forward to.  Someone asked me what I liked so much about NYC.  It's honestly, everything.  Everything is amazing.  The people, the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere and the history.  It's a very very cool place.

Stay warm folks!