Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10 Thought Tuesday ~ Lions & Lambs ~

Wow! It's been a long time hasn't it?  What can I say...life happened.

1.  What is the deal with shoes and clothes and good retail staff who not only know what they're talking about but are actually helpful? When I was a retail slave there was coaching and protocol on everything you do for a customer from the moment they walk into your store.  Now you are lucky to get a hello and incredibly fortunate to actually find someone willing to help you.  Womens fashion is hard enough to navigate in the best of times and then we have to deal with this nonsense.  This is why my two favorite stores have been and still are Reitman's and Penningtons.  They are the most consistent.

2.  I've lost 41.8 pounds since August.  When I tell people they ask what I'm doing.  The sincere answer is...I am eating food.  Shocking I know.  What I am doing is eating approximately 5 times a day...3 meals with 2 snacks and I am choosing more fruit and veggies.  I am also using portion control.  The biggest eye opener that I can expain is this...I can eat 2.5 Halo tangerines (at 44 calories each) or ONE chocolate cookie.  And we all know I wouldn't just eat one cookie.  But who eats nearly 3 oranges in a sitting?  No one.  So I discovered I get more bang for the buck so to speak with the fruit and veg...meaning I can actually eat more!  *kaboom*  And that's what I've been doing.

3.  In 1 month I will be headed back to the Big Apple.  This trip we are staying near Times Square and hope to be able to do more evening type things.  The only issue seems to be that the hotel may or may not have free wifi so the possibility of staying in touch while away is up in the air.  I have a new suitcase and new walking shoes and can't wait to try either one out.  Cannoli and pizza here I come!

4.  I have recently watched the entire Sex and the City series.  I had watched the first 3 seasons a year ago and lost the interest but a few weeks I picked it up again.  I have to say the final season was possibly the best one.  It had so many important storylines.  I also noticed that even though it was filmed late 90's to early 2000's much of the subject matter is still relevent.  So now that it's over I've moved on to finishing the Friends series.

5.  Chocolate covered raisins.  I am obsessed with chocolate covered raisins.  I need an intervention.

6.  My parents gave us a "breakfast station" for Christmas.  It's a waffle iron on one side and in the other you can make pancakes or omelettes.  I've used it every single day.  I use the pancake side to make eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches!  On Sunday mornings it has become our ritual to have waffles.  The ritual originated from it being "game day" and having Roughrider pancakes.  I have to admit...waffles are better.  They are pancakes with abs.

7.  It's March 3rd and it's been snowing.  They say March comes in like a lion or goes out like a lamb.  I am thinking this is true.  The long term forecast has great temperatures from here on in.  I'm thinking I might be able to disregard the winter jacket (which is now too big) and wear the black spring jacket (which is also roomy).  It is still very much boot weather and it seems won't be flip flop weather for some time.

8.  Informal pole:  When someone says "Canada's Team" ( and for argument sake "America's Team" ) what team do you think of?

9.  Every time music exams come around I say I am never going to register as many studnets as I did last year because it is amazingly nerve wrecking and stressful.  I keep doing it.  Gah!  I only had 3 for February and they did great because I make sure my students do well but there is always that small bit of doubt that they won't do well.  For June, I will have at least 4.  The exams will fall right around the same time as music festival does.  So it appears I have done it again.  *facepalm*

10.  My new favorite tuesday thing is a CBC show called Schitts Creek.  It stars Eugene Levy and the mom from Home Alone.  It's about an uber rich family who lose it all except the deed to this town Schitts Creek.  So they are forced to move there and try to have a life.  It's great.  It's tongue in cheek and fresh.  If you can, check it out because we all deserve a chuckle.

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